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TaskUs wellness professionals discuss suicide prevention.

Insights and Case Studies
  • The Cognitive Adaptability and Resiliency Employment Screener (CARES): Tool Development and Testing

    The first research-validated trait-based employee screening tool designed to decrease psychological risk for content moderators

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  • Perceptions and Experiences of Severe Content in Content Moderation

    How do content moderators perceive content severity? Does egregious content always cause more stress than moderate content?

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  • Social Media Police” and “Wonder Girl” : Phenomenological Accounts of Content Moderators’ Experiences in the United States and India

    Content moderation is a relatively new occupation wherein reviewers peruse content

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  • The Psychological Well-Being of Content Moderators

    The Emotional Labor of Commercial Moderation and Avenues for Improving Support

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  • Content Moderator Startle Response

    What is it? How does it impact Content Moderators? What can we share about industry best practices?

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  • Effects of a Novel Resiliency Training Program for Social Media Content Moderators

    Our first academic journal publication, research supports that the TaskUs Method is an evidence-based approach

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