Our Advantage

TaskUs is the secret behind the phenomenal scaling of some of the world’s most disruptive companies. We were born on the web and grew up in the cloud allowing us to guide businesses strategically towards transformational growth. Rapid scaling is our forte. It’s here where ridiculously good becomes ridiculously smart.


Digital Masters . Brave Innovators . System Architects . Culture Builders . Startup & Scale Specialists

30 +
100 %
cloud based

We are
Digital Masters

TaskUs doesn’t subscribe to outdated legacy systems or old-fashioned processes. We believe that cutting-edge technology enables organizations to revolutionize the customer experience. Using such tools allows us to align, enhance, boost and/or reinvent companies’ outsourcing needs for the modern age.


Whether through AI integration, advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) for training and/or big data analytics, we help clients to realize efficiency improvements, to strengthen the ability to be adaptable in the rapidly evolving marketplace, and to rocket past their competition.

100 %
new clients use
LMS tool
30 %
clients have piloted

We are
Brave Innovators

Bravery embraces the future; it is the foundation for innovation. From creating and deploying a custom-built LMS training platform to overhauling a Zendesk workflow that solved a 400,000 ticket backlog we aren’t afraid of the unknown. We proactively address new challenges.


Our quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are not typical client meetings either. In addition to reviewing our progress, we pitch custom-design innovation at least twice a year. We are intrinsic, creative problem solvers who never give up. We are the launchpad to new ideas and have a proven track record of doing it.

Six Sigma &
COPC Certified

We are
System Architects

Process, process, process. TaskUs knows that robust operational processes and management systems are fundamental to achieving success. They give clients peace of mind that we will deliver on our promises. From start to finish, clients have full transparency and involvement in the process.


We will not be ambiguous. We don’t want clients to accept a lower quality of service to achieve value. Not only will we provide a culture of excellence, but we’ll also measure success through clearly defined metrics. Our clients’ key objectives define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and adhere to industry recognized practices and processes for quality assurance.

45 %
(half the industry average)
68 %
Employee Referrals

We are
Culture Builders

Our employee attrition rate is half the industry average. We invest heavily in our employees’ well-being and happiness so that a client benefits from a workforce that has a deep institutional knowledge of your business earned over time.


Our workplaces are fun, vibrant, spacious and inspire our high performing teams. We provide meaningful, purposeful work and career advancement opportunities. From exceptional performance incentives to great team building activities, your team of fully dedicated teammates is set up for long-term success.

10 +
Clients with
Valuations of $1B+
530+ %
Campaign Growth

We are
Startup & Scale Specialists

“Startup” is a state of mind. TaskUs is the global leader helping companies to scale headcount, processes and technical infrastructure successfully. Our startup clients are newly funded, youthful heritage companies and businesses with $1B+ valuations.


TaskUs’ expertise was honed from years of experience of successfully implementing countless outsourcing initiatives. We remain agile and flexible to adapt quickly and meet our clients’ fluid growth, scaling and transformational goals. We understand startups; we’ve been there and mastered it.


Our expertise has helped us to scale programs by over 5,000%