Our Advantage

Build. Protect. Grow.

From high-growth start ups to Fortune 500 enterprises to the world’s largest technology companies, we help innovators defend and scale their businesses.

Our People Are The Difference

Our people-first culture encourages teammates to learn and grow and be Ridiculously Authentic. We offer exceptional benefits and growth opportunities. The result: engaged employees, exceptional client service, and a relentless focus on innovation.

Our Award-Winning Sites Attract the Best Talent

Our sites are stacked with amenities employees want: fully equipped gyms, on-site daycares, dance studios, relaxation rooms, cafeterias and much more. Teammates are engaged in designing spaces that inspire and enhance their overall experience and convenience while at work.

Technology Is In Our DNA

We have embraced technology since our inception. Today we are driving efficiency for our clients through cutting-edge digital solutions, automation and generative AI, all of which elevate the overall customer experience. As a prime example, we are supercharging our talented humans with sophisticated Generative AI solutions that are revolutionizing how we address simple inquiries, freeing up valuable time to focus on our clients’ most complex questions and interactions.

Expanded Services To Grow and Protect Our Clients

Our clients scale businesses that never before existed -from mobile social networks to on-demand food delivery and transportation. As they evolve, so do we, building new service offerings to support them ranging from content security to compliance services and more. Today we offer a full range of services that empower our clients to serve and safeguard their customers.

Clients Who Inspire Us

We always knew we wanted to work with the world’s most innovative companies. Today we have *150+ clients globally including some of the largest global technology companies, Fortune 500 enterprises and high-growth start ups.

*as of September 2023

Agility Fuels Our Success

With a global workforce of over 47,000 teammates in 28 locations across 13 countries, along with a gig worker platform of 230,000 individuals*, TaskUs leverages its cloud-based technology infrastructure to swiftly and flexibly assist clients in outsourcing operations and achieving rapid scalability.

*as of September 2023

We Have Big Ambitions, Just Like Our Clients Do

Our goal is to become the world’s largest tech-enabled business service provider. We’ll never stop innovating, partnering with and delivering superior solutions to our clients in pursuit of this goal.