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The latest in streaming, film, music, and gaming is now just a click away—and your customer support has to keep up. TaskUs is ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, bringing new agility to your customer experience and back office, transforming users into your biggest fans.
Your Culture, Our CX, Your Brand Ambassadors.

Our customized training covers brand and product immersion. We utilize gamified, on-the-job learning to ensure your team is an extension of your business, fully committed to your long-term success.

Your Problems Solved Right Now, The Right Way.

We consistently exceed client targets—whether the goal is cutting resolution time in half or increasing productivity five times over. We’re always up for the challenge.

Like You, We’re Constantly Evolving.
New technologies help your customers immerse in the media they love. Like you, we invest in the latest technology, AI, and other tools that enable us to quickly adjust to your changing needs.
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    Jackie Lineberger
    Director of Business Development | TaskUs
    Every entertainment company has had to pivot to a streaming strategy to compete, and TaskUs is there to help provide an experienced team at scale. Whether you need a world-class customer experience, advertising sales, or data tagging, we can help fuel your success.
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    Ricky Girson
    VP of Business Development | TaskUs

    The gaming industry is growing rapidly, currently already valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars with over 2 billion players worldwide. The gamer expects a certain level of service. Our team speaks the gamer language, allowing Us to customize the experience and personalize the service for each subset of players to drive better engagement and retention.

    Entertainment + Gaming
    What We Do
    Digital Customer Experience

    We are experts at customer support, using technology and highly capable teams to give your users the help, information, and guidance they need in every channel, including:

    • Email
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Social Channels
    • In-App Messaging

    Our services include:

    • Sales Generation
    • Billing Support
    • Technical Support
    • Platform Management
    Learn more about our Digital CX Management
    Trust + Safety

    We protect you and your customers with content moderation for real-time interactions, account security, and prevention of fraud and abuse. We protect your content and your reputation with services that include: User-Generated Livestream, Video, Photo, and Text Moderation.

    • Advertiser-Generated Content Moderation
    • Political Advertisement Moderation
    • Content Tagging
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Account Security
    • Copyright Claims
    • Profile Impersonation Detection
    • Abuse Detection
    Learn more about our Trust & Safety Solutions
    AI Services

    By combining AI, machine learning, and ridiculously good people, we can handle large volumes of data and content with ease.

    Services include:

    • Audio Annotation
    • Photo/Video Tagging
    • Algorithm Education
    • AI Process Development
    • AI Systems Implementation
    • Customer Review Monitoring
    • Data Entry
    • Online Research
    • Data Cleansing & Aggregation
    Learn more about our AI Services

    Providing a great customer experience is critical for all types of companies in every industry. Startups and large, multinational organizations alike leverage our consulting services to ensure their customer experience strategies help drive their success.

    Our consulting services include:

    • Large Scale Transformation
    • Omnichannel Solutions
    • Agent Enablement
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Quality Assurance
    • Process Optimization
    • Outsourcing Readiness
    • Workforce Management
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