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We are the game-changing and trusted partner that interactive entertainment, media, and gaming industries need to develop and scale the ultimate digital customer and player experience.

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Every interaction matters as today’s audience gets more and more demanding and hyper-connected, and streaming platforms become more competitive. The media landscape is quickly evolving, becoming more immersive and interactive than ever before. At TaskUs, we can help you adapt at speed by providing personalized, tech-enabled solutions backed up by human touch.


Make experiences seamless, safe, and smart.


Take platform and player experiences to a Ridiculously Good level.

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Billions of people now have access to millions of audio and video content online at just one click of a button. However, this freedom and convenience comes with an influx of problems concerning safety, support, and security.

Combining highly specialized Teammates and innovative solutions, we make sure that your streaming experience is superb, safe, and seamless.

Streamer Support
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-app
  • Text
  • Social media
  • Community Forum Management
Ad Sales and Ad Review
  • SMB Advertisement Revenue Generation
  • Digital Advertising Expertise
  • Ad Guideline Review for Self-service Platforms
Livestream and Recorded Content Moderation
  • User-generated Content Review
  • Best-in-class Proactive Wellness Support
  • TaskUs’ Policy team helps build new policies and makes recommendations to ensure your policies meet your company and brand’s goals while keeping your user’s safe
Data labeling for recommendation engines + the metaverse
  • TaskVerse, TaskUs’ crowd sourcing platform, is the perfect complement to build out new diverse data sets for new product needs
  • Utilize for on-going bias mitigation in automation tools
  • Enable search functionalities, personalization, and beyond
  • Audio Transcription
  • Text, Image, Video Annotation
  • Data Collection
  • 2D to 3D to VR Geospatial Tagging
Immersive Customer Experiences and Unstoppable Growth

Support Your Customer Lifecycle

From awareness to experience, to loyalty and beyond—provide seamless customer support at every touchpoint, whichever channel they choose, and wherever they are in the journey.

Foster Memorable Connections

Our Teammates connect with users in the most genuine way possible, creating the best support experience that leads to subscription, loyalty, and outstanding results.

Ensure Excellent Quality and Sustainable Growth

Get the best people, process, and innovations to optimize efficiencies in service quality and guarantee safety even as you scale. TaskUs’ people-first culture drives low attrition meaning your Teammates will be tenured and drive better quality in their interactions.


Gaming is Entertainment

It takes a true gamer to truly understand the wins and woes of being one: from the connection made in fun and safe gamer communities to dealing with bugs and glitches, to everything in between. Your players and our people are one and the same. We operate our gaming outsourcing solutions hands-on, providing players the support they genuinely need.

Player Experience and Support
  • Player Tech Support
  • Platform Support
  • Game QA & Testing
  • Hardware Testing & Validation
  • Digital Player Support (email, chat, SMS, social, in-app messaging, in-game chat)
Trust + Safety
  • Content Moderation
  • Community Moderation and Support
  • Live Video, Audio, Streaming, Chat Review & Moderation
  • Account Takeover Recovery
  • Fake Postings & Reviews
  • Ad Review & Classification
  • Policy Research & Analysis
Platform Integrity and Player Safety
  • ID Verification
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Fraud Advisory & Investigation
  • eSports Integrity
  • In-Game Marketplace Integrity
  • Know-Your-Transaction
  • Digital Asset Screening
  • Chargeback Disputes
AI Services
  • Audio Transcription
  • Text, Image, Video Annotation
  • Data Collection
  • 2D to 3D to VR Geospatial Tagging
  • Data Entry, Cleansing, Aggregation & Cataloguing
  • AI Process Development
  • AI Systems Implementation
  • Data Analysis
Take the Player Experience to the Next Level

Gamers Support and Protect Fellow Gamers

Take what you love beyond the game by nurturing a safe, vibrant, and healthy player experience with best-in-class content and community moderation from Teammates who are fans and players of the games they’re supporting.

Power Up Support

Follow where the players are so they get the best digital and omni-channel support possible, allowing for a truly safe, seamless, and unforgettable gaming experience.

Tech Upgrade and Human Moderation

Automate a substantial volume of simple, monotonous tasks so that human moderators can focus more on high-value, nuanced, and customer-focused work.

Keep the Fun Going with Us

We at TaskUs are your partner and biggest supporters. We are ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, bringing new agility to your customer experience and back office, transforming users into your biggest fans.


Gaming & Streaming clients


Teammates supporting gaming campaigns

Supporting the #1 audio and the #1 video streaming platforms


Teammates supporting streaming and entertainment campaigns

Our Results

  • Accelerating the Growth and Performance of an Entertainment Streaming Giant

    A globally leading on-demand streaming platform needed expertise in providing nuanced customer care, back-office support, and fine-tuning their processes. Over the years, TaskUs has proven that its agility, expertise, and innovative approach in accommodating the rapifly growing needs of their clients [why TaskUs?]. By forging a strong relationship and implementing a sustainable, out-of-the-box approach [what we did], our partnership resulted in a 300+% FTE growth and a 92% CSAT.

  • Turning Up the Volume of Ad Sales for a Music Streaming Platform

    A globally leading music streaming and media services provider partnered with Us to drive their inside sales support and convert SMB advertisers. We closely collaborated with the Client to help build the right-fit profile and refine their learning experience process, resulting in above-target revenue by over €100K and activation of 122% of their account target.

  • Creating a Richer Player Experience for a Game Development Company

    An entertainment software and technology company that develops, maintains, and distributes video games partnered with Us to provide support in content moderation, technical support, and game testing. TaskUs fully understands the Client’s need for an experienced team and together we were successful in helping the client launch games that ensure the best player experience.

  • TaskUs as the Trusted Online Guardians for the Leading Video Conferencing Platform

    A leading audio and video conferencing platform was about to launch an exciting new platform and online marketplace for immersive experiences. They were looking for a trusted and collaborative partner to incubate this new program, with deep Trust and Safety expertise, who can go beyond service delivery and provide strategic input on solution design. With our deep expertise in Trust and Safety and Learning Experience, the launch was a resounding success, with support rapidly expanding to global audiences.

  • Safeguarding End-to-End Player Experience through Robust Content Moderation

    A leading American video game developer, publisher, and digital distribution company had a negative experience with their previous BPO vendor, and was looking for a credible partner to build and scale an end-to-end player experience in line with their company culture, as we all provide robust content moderation + security support for their online platform.

    At TaskUs, we pride ourselves on our ability to bea true, globally leading partner who facilitates open, honest communication, as well as collaboration on new and innovative solutions. Our partnership resulted in a sustained 99.6% quality score and 109% productivity score.

  • Bailey Boyd

    The gaming industry is growing rapidly, currently already valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars with over 2 billion players worldwide. The gamer expects a certain level of service. Our team speaks the gamer language, allowing Us to customize the experience and personalize the service for each subset of players to drive better engagement and retention.

    Ricky Girson

    VP, Gaming + Entertainment | TaskUs

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