Social Media
Keeping your network connected
to your brand.
Social Media
Social media changes how we connect to
one another.
With more than 5.9 billion mobile users worldwide, social media apps and platforms need a partner that keeps the user connection strong. From content moderation to customer service, TaskUs has spent over a decade powering the world’s most exciting and seamless online experiences, and helped those clients excel.
Clearing Queues And Smashing SLA Targets

Backlogs delay responses and frustrate loyal users. Our processes, technology, and Ridiculously Smart people consistently exceed SLA scores, such as TAT and Quality, to maximize resolutions and keep your users happy.

Content Moderation Expertise
You want your users to upload content, but also to mitigate risk. TaskUs helps you strike the right balance, protecting your users from harmful content without dashing self-expression.
Scaling With Your Growth
Keeping up with your growth requires a culture of constant motion—exploring new technologies, the ability to scale without losing quality, and being ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice. TaskUs has that agility.
  • Jackie Lineberger
    Business Development Executive | TaskUs

    TaskUs offers more than 35 different services to social media companies, including providing marketing expertise to advertisers on social platforms to keep user-generated content within policy. Because social media influences so much of our world today, this work is crucial to our society, and we treat it as such.

    Social Media
    What We Do
    Customer Experience

    Whether we’re providing live customer support for an urgent issue, responding to an email inquiry, or helping a user with an advertising plan, we do it with the same care and consistency as your internal team.

    Our services and support channels include: 

    • Email
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Social Channels
    • In-App Messaging
    • Sales Generation
    • Billing Support
    • Technical Support
    • Platform Management
    Content Security

    Whether we’re tagging content for better search results or moderating content to prevent harmful images from public view, we ensure your users see what they want to see, while protecting them—and your reputation—from every angle.

    Services include:

    • User-generated Livestream, Video, Photo, and Text Moderation
    • Advertiser-generated Content Moderation
    • Political Advertisement Moderation
    • Content Tagging
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Account Security
    • Copyright Claims
    • Profile Impersonation Detection
    • Abuse Detection
    AI Operations

    We handle large volumes of data and content with ease, aided by the latest AI and machine learning, as well as our own innovations.

    Services include:

    • Audio Annotation
    • Photo/Video Tagging
    • Algorithm Education
    • AI Process Development
    • AI Systems Implementation
    • Customer Review Monitoring
    • Data Entry
    • Online Research
    • Data Cleansing and Aggregation

    Our consulting services enable startups and established organizations alike to achieve their goals in record time.

    Our services include:

    • Large-scale Transformation
    • Omnichannel Solutions
    • Agent Enablement
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Quality Assurance
    • Process Optimization
    • Outsourcing Readiness
    • Workforce Management
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