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Productivity, Security, and Safety at the Comfort of Your Homes

Imagine following both an in-office and at-home setups that allow you to provide a high-quality performance with an added flexibility – that is what Cirrus is all about.

Cirrus, our Work@Home Global solution was born, nurtured, and championed for the people of TaskUs – even before COVID-19 plagued the global economy. It has continued to break down barriers by providing a world-class, industry-leading customer experience through a safe, secure, and truly effective home environment without losing the values that TaskUs is known for – a devotion for excellence and unwavering people-first culture.
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The embodiment of both our people-first commitment and culture of innovation, Cirrus was established in March of 2020. Unlike our other global sites, Cirrus is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Unbound by literal and proverbial borders and keeping Teammates safe and secure, Cirrus is a cloud-based global site that provides industry-leading support to you and your customers without sacrificing any of the quality, culture, transparency, expertise, and skill that have come to define Us throughout over the years across over 10 global industries.
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A Work@Home model that works, feels, and delivers.


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Hub & Spoke Model

New Braunfels, Texas
Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Shreveport, Louisiana
Atlanta, Georgia

Dublin, Ireland
Zagreb, Croatia
Belgrade, Serbia
Łódź, Iași

Fukuoka, Japan

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  • Aaron Peterson
    “Work@Home with TaskUs has been a massive game changer for me! I have the opportunity to spend more time with family and less time stuck in 5 o’clock traffic jams on the highway! Since I’ve started W@H, I’ve been more inspired to cook due to proximity to the kitchen, I’ve spent much less money on gas, and I’ve made many friends through TaskUs despite the remote nature of our friendships!

    Best job ever!”
  • Lauren Holguin
    “After leaving the corporate world to take care of my children, I thought it would be impossible to find a work environment that would allow me to continue to be the mom my children love. Working from home with TaskUs has been an incredible adventure that continues to allow me to not only make breakfast and dinner for my family but eat at the table with the, too. I enjoy being able to help busy families, enjoy each other, and make more time for what they love.”

    World-Class Leadership

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    • Jon King
      Vice President of Operations | Cirrus Solutions Leader
      With a whopping 32 years of experience, Jon has worked both to exponentially grow fledgling startups and reshape the operations of global outsourcing companies like no other.

      His in-depth knowledge and all-encompassing view of the industry, along with his unwavering dedication to operational excellence through unmatched rigor and attention to detail, make him an invaluable player on our team.
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