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Meet Cirrus
The embodiment of both our people-first commitment and culture of innovation, Cirrus was established in March 2020. Our newest “site” is nowhere and everywhere

Unbounded by literal and proverbial borders while keeping Teammates safe and secure, Cirrus is a “cloud-based” global site that provides industry-leading support to you and your customers without sacrificing any of the quality, culture, transparency, expertise, and skill that has come to define us over the years.

This is Cirrus

We’re breaking down barriers in providing awesome
customer experience as working hard and having fun go
virtual. Come and thrive with Cirrus.

Our Promise is Simple.

A Work@Home model that works, feels, and delivers


Full-Time W@H


candidate leads per day


Clients Approved



The Cirrus
Business Continuity Plan

Cirrus is a BCP solution that offers Grab & Go equipment, supporting all goes for natural disasters, as demonstrated in our COVID-19 response.

Hub & Spoke

This model is TaskUs differentiator and our permanent @Home solution with a focus on North America operations. It offers reimbursable stipend per Teammate and currently has 2 existing Hubs in Tijuana and New Braunfels, with future Hubs in Brownsville, TX, Kissimmee, FL, and Newport News, VA.

Promising Success
Cirrus Offers Success in Key Areas
Sourcing, onboarding, and deploying the best talent possible tailored to your brand in just 20 to 30 days with over 1,200 leads per day across our global network.
Fully deploying all our CX and Back-Office support verticals, channels, and systems coupled with TaskUs’ best practices in communication and Business Intelligence.
Maintaining our industry-leading training processes, tools, and culture in a W@H/digital environment.
Security PCI & SOC Certified
Fully protecting all aspects and angles in a W@H setting.
Client Technologies & Workforce
Ensuring optimal staffing and performance of your frontline team while giving them the best support from a tech and process standpoint.
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