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    Trust + Safety

    Securing Your Content
    Protecting the well-being of our frontline moderators, as they protect our online spaces with rigor and empathy.

Trust + Safety

All Online Users are Vulnerable to Bad Actors and Egregious Content

Platforms and businesses are increasingly exposed to a number of serious trust and safety risks. A robust moderation system powered by a vigilant workforce is the only solution to protecting users everywhere.

At TaskUs, we understand the growing need for Trust & Safety services–which is why we are committed to creating the most secure online environment possible, while still allowing users to express themselves safely and with digital civility.

Trust + Safety Services

Different, diverse. That’s Us.

TaskUs truly understands multicultural, multi-geographic platforms.


We do it all.

Today, we partner with large social networks, dating apps, gaming and community platforms, live video and audio streaming services, and AI annotation platforms – helping to keep their platforms safe and secure.

We keep you safe.

Through our global Trust & Safety centers, we work across a wide range of policy areas and content types.

digital trust and safety

User Safety

User Generated Content moderation for social, gaming, dating, live-streaming and marketplaces

Creating safer and more trustworthy experiences by identifying and removing harmful content.

trust and safety specialist

Platform Integrity

Ensuring platform health by identifying and mitigating manipulation and deception attempts

Forensic investigation of suspicious behavior to aid fraud discovery, prevention, and account safety.


Business Integrity

Evaluating complex brand and advertising components to ensure compliance, placement, and accuracy

Ensure brand integrity and address coordinated harmful behavior across brand and political content.


Content Curation

Review, research, and analyze data for accuracy, relevance, and product quality

Ground truth validation that drives product quality across travel, commerce, gaming, and retail.

The Road to Number One

Through our dedicated Trust & Safety service line team, TaskUs is fully committed to becoming an industry leader in Content Moderation — a goal that permeates every aspect of our services, our partnerships, and our unrelenting focus to keep the web safe for all.


Taking Trust and Safety to another level—That’s Us.

Everest Group names TaskUs a Major Contender in Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services!

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    Everest Group. Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021

    TaskUs has broad-based capabilities spanning User Generated Content (UGC) moderation, data annotation and labeling, content curation, and platform integrity. It has augmented its capabilities in policy consulting. It has forged partnerships with AI/ML platforms focusing on safety to analyze multi-modal content around the internet to generate actionable insights for clients.


    Building a Better Future

    Our unique and dedicated Policy Research Lab pairs TaskUs domain experts with cutting-edge technology in the abuse and misinformation detection space, enabling us to bring deep insights and off-platform analysis to our clients.

    The Lab monitors the evolution of harmful narratives by analyzing multi-modal content for emerging patterns, generating timely, actionable insights based on our nuanced understanding of these evolving patterns.


    Prioritizing People-First

    The TaskUs Resiliency Studio is the comprehensive, global psychological health and safety program we created for our Teammates — guided by the practice of evidence-based psychology and grounded in neuroscience.

    Click here to see how TaskUs is ahead of the curve in people, culture, and diversity.

    At TaskUs, we prioritize workplace wellness and employee mental health like no other company does.

    Learn more about our industry-leading wellness and resiliency initiatives from our experts, leaders, and of course, teammates.


    What Sets
    Us Apart

    Dedicated Trust & Safety Service Line Team

    Content Moderation, Trust & Safety (T&S) is a fast growing area of our business. We have 5,800+ dedicated Teammates complemented by T&S industry experts, an in-house Policy Research Lab and Resiliency Studio. Today, we partner with large social networks, dating apps, gaming and community platforms, live video and audio streaming services, and AI annotation platforms, among others.

    Frontline- and People-First Principles

    We prioritize our own moderators’ well-being. Our clinician-led, evidence-based wellness program, and world-class benefits build resiliency and overall happiness, leading to an industry-high eNPS score of 70.

    A Data-Centric Approach Informed by Human Judgment

    TaskUs is distinguished by our dedicated in-house content moderation behavioral research team, bolstering our deep expertise and allowing us to moderate up to 1.2 billion pieces of content a year.

    Investments for Future – Partnerships in Trust & Safety

    To stay at the forefront of online safety, we partner with leading cutting-edge AI and ML companies to complement our clients’ in-house solutions, and maintain a dedicated fund for developing new innovations in digital and content policy areas.


    Phil Tomlinson

    VP, Trust & Safety

    Over the last few years, content moderation has been catapulted into the spotlight—exposing industry failures and calling for fundamental change. At TaskUs, we believe that more transparency and accountability is ultimately a good thing. We encourage and embrace an open dialogue that includes platforms, service providers, mental health professionals, academics, and even the media—and we believe that our consultative partnership of equals will allow for that highest level of engagement.

    We are setting standards for Trust & Safety.
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