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your GenAI models

Our global experts fine-tune your GenAI to unlock its full potential.

Create successful
GenAI models

Supervised learning | Adversarial testing | RLHF
The secret to successful AI models is high-quality data. TaskUs provides human-in-the-loop Generative AI solutions to ensure systems perform as expected, or even better.


Average QA score in all
data-related operations

18 million*

Images labeled monthly
*For one client

<4 seconds

Average handling time

Secure your model
and users

Content moderation | Trust + safety consulting | Classifier review
Make your AI safe for everyone. TaskUs developed a human+tech approach in flagging and removing harmful text and visual content generated by a model and identifying undesired behavior, biases, and jailbreaks.

Scale your
customer support

Customer support | Digital innovation

GenAI-as-a-Service empowers your customer service teams, increase efficiency and productivity, and boost satisfaction scores.

AssistAI powered by TaskGPT, fueled by Generative AI and large language models, helps you do that.

MoneyLion boosts customer
support KPIs with AssistAI

MoneyLion partnered with TaskUs to realize the benefits of AI-powered CX. Our AssistAI solution helped generate significant improvements in Average Handling Time (AHT), quality baseline, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.
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Decrease in voice AHT


Decrease in chat AHT

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