Streamline and simplify the customer experience.

The agility to move
at your speed.
Technology changes at light speed—and so do we. We have the training, technology, and agility to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, support new products, and scale on demand.
A Culture Of Innovation

Through the TaskUs Innovation Council, we harness CX-centric initiatives to deliver outstanding satisfaction. This drives our high CSAT through maximizing the customer service experience.

Proven Performance For Tech Giants

Our client base includes some of the most innovative, global technology companies in the world. We deliver complex support, advanced troubleshooting, and back-office services that are scalable, sustainable, and consistent across all channels.

Custom, Scalable Solutions
Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, we custom design our solutions to each client’s need, whether the goal is process improvement, footprint expansion, or transforming the customer journey.
  • Brett Ransom
    VP of Business Development | TaskUs

    At TaskUs, we partner with the most disruptive technology companies to design and execute their customer support strategy. It’s extremely complex, and successful execution requires an agile partner who wakes up thinking about your business the same way you do. It’s this level of engagement that is routinely highlighted by our clients as our critical differentiator.

  • Blake Bishop
    Business Development Representative | TaskUs

    In a rapidly evolving marketplace, it’s more critical than ever to operate efficiently, give customers a consistent experience—regardless of channel—and keep that consistency as you grow. TaskUs is equipped to do just that, and support our client’s ongoing quest to pave the way and continue to excel.

    Rising with AI Operations
    Approachable, Empathetic Customer Support

    When it comes to technical support services, empathy is key. Our training, workflows, and hand-selected team enable us to handle a wide range of support initiatives, including:

    • General Inquiries
    • Account Management and Maintenance
    • Billing and Sales Support
    • App/Platform/Software Issues
    • User Adoption
    • Billing and Subscription Support
    • Login Issues
    • Cross-selling and Upselling
    • System/Platform/Tool Error Tracking
    • User Complaints, Suggestions, and Feedback
    • Troubleshooting and Repairs
    • Multi-channel and Omnichannel 
    Back Office Brilliance

    Our training, workflows, and hand-selected teams enable us to handle a wide range of support initiatives, including:

     Content Moderation

    • User Social Posts and Content
    • Online Questions, Comments, and Responses
    • Customer Review Monitoring
    • Forum Building & Management
    • Brand Reputation Moderation

    Trust & Safety

    • Product and Finance Tagging
    • Payment Fraud/Risks and Chargebacks
    • Identity, Document, and Credential Verification
    AI Operations

    Our AI Operations help you offload repetitive administrative tasks, so you can focus your staff on high-level, revenue-producing work.

    Our services include:

    • Machine Learning
      • Algorithm Education
      • Data Tagging
      • Testing & Validation
    • AI and Data Enrichment
      • Data Entry
      • Online Research
      • Lead Generation
      • Data Cleansing and Aggregation
      • Backlog Processing
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