Data Solutions for Generative AI


Data Solutions for Generative AI


Data Solutions for Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has achieved impressive strides in recent years, with companies across different industries turning to AI applications to bring more innovative solutions within their businesses. One example of these incredible feats would be the rise of Generative AI, AI space’s ‘next big thing’ in data-driven innovation, which is predicted to account for 10% of all data production by 2025.1

But like any other AI use cases, Generative AI models can only function at their best with high-quality data powering its systems. TaskUs has proven its expertise in the AI space, building truly intelligent machine learning systems for industry leaders, including today’s top social media platforms and AI research companies. Our AI capabilities are demonstrated in:

  • Over 48,000 Teammates and over 150,000 Taskers (Freelancers on TaskVerse)
  • More than 65 languages for both TaskUs and TaskVerse combined
  • More than a 98% QA Score in data-related operations

We provide support at every development stage: data collection, creation, or curation of large custom datasets from millions of data samples from experts across all domains; model training through large scale annotation services such as Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and data evaluation; as well as through content moderation services and Ongoing Monitoring. 

Data Labeling Services for Generative AI

Fully capable of preparing high quality Generative AI data with our commitment to human and operational excellence, we can help you optimize your training models through the following data labeling capabilities:

  • Bias Mitigation
  • Sensitive Content
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Hallucination Mitigation

Proof of Excellence: Generative AI Case Studies

We collaborated with a leading AI company in training their Large Language Model to produce safe completion of sensitive English prompts by sourcing annotators that are highly competent in written English and copy editing, conducting thorough reviews of content generated by the client’s AI model, and editing nearly 40,000 AI-generated text in accordance with existing guidelines, which resulted in the following:

  • 14 categories considered in editing and review process
  • 150 full-time teammates
  • 100% categorization accuracy

We also worked with a leading social media platform with over 200 million active daily users, moderating text, photos, videos, and audio content found within their platform. We performed round-the-clock moderation of both live and recorded content within the platform using their proprietary media triage tool, actively addressing and/or removing posts containing harmful content, and providing multilingual support in English, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, and German. We were able to deliver the following results:

  • Over 5,000 full-time teammates
  • 10M items tagged per week
  • 91.7% accuracy rating

To know more about why TaskUs’ AI Services should be your partner of choice in keeping up with the Generative AI wave, download our full solution brief Data Solutions for Generative AI.

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    Data Solutions for Generative AI


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