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    It’s been an awesome 13 years for TaskUs! As we continue to grow and step up the game, we thank all the ridiculously amazing humans that made this happen.

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Artists, Visionaries, Leaders, Professionals, Humans. TaskUs is a place to be you. A place for you. Our culture is a direct reflection of our people as a collective spirit.

We support the most innovative brands in the world while making positive impact on those around us.
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*For employees who were employed by TaskUs for more than 180 days for the year ended December 31, 2021


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We exist to empower people to deliver ridiculously innovative solutions to the world’s best companies. Refreshing, smart, creative, human—that’s TaskUs.

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Greece August 27
#RISE: Journey to Recovery: A Recipe for a Better You
Aprons on and follow along! Join Katalin as she shares with Us her quick and easy-to-follow recipe for a #RidiculouslyBetter You!
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USA September 10
#RISE: Say a Word
This Suicide Awareness month, lets #RISE together with Charlina as she courageously tells her story of pain and hope. How about you, what’s your story? Just say a word. It’s powerful.
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Philippines August 13
#RISE: Nine Lives, One Girl: Extending Help to Strays
Meet Jecca, an advocate of animal welfare. Watch how she realizes the sustainable solution to extend the nine lives of these precious strays. #RISEwithUs
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Colombia August 28
Cali Through Us On Wheels
Join Emmanuel as he visits Cali and our site to prepare himself for his big move! Discover what makes Cali #RidiculouslyGood and see Colombia Through Us… on wheels!
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India July 9
Extraordinary Teammate: Komal Vyas
Second chances make all the difference. Discover how our #ExtraordinaryTeammate Komal Vyas fought against the odds.
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Taiwan August 25
#RISE: Draw My Purpose: Guiding the Displaced Back Home
Listen in as Eileen tells Us the #RidiculouslyGood story of how her curiosity led her to discover a new passion and purpose in helping the homeless find their way back home. #RISEwithUs
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