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Leading the Charge in Next-Generation DCX

Let TaskUs take your business to the next level by supercharging talented humans with cutting-edge technology to provide the best experience for customers.

Cost Effective, Technology-Driven DCX Solutions

At TaskUs, we create agile, innovation-driven solutions tailored to your needs. Our talented, technology-backed teammates become genuine extensions of your in-house teams.

Up to 30% cost savings from geo-transition offerings


Digital Innovations Project Deployed

Global Support and Reach

With strategic locations worldwide, TaskUs provides 24/7 support, multilingual service, and a deep understanding of diverse cultural contexts that enhance customer satisfaction.

47,000+ Teammates + 160k Gig Workers

As of March 2023


Languages Supported

Digital CX Services

Next-Gen DCX
Our bespoke DCX is built on deep team expertise bolstered by cutting-edge AI applications, resulting in service that anticipates customers’ needs and exceeds their expectations.
Service Offerings

We engage with our clients’ customers across all communication channels in a consistent, seamless, and personalized way.

  • Voice Support
  • Chat Support
  • Tech Support
  • Email Support
Industry Sub-Offerings

Our Teammates become your brand ambassadors, delivering market-leading experiences that delight customers.

  • Order Management
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sales and Revenue Operations
  • Billing Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • CRM Hygiene
Tailored Delivery Models

We have an array of geo offerings, from in-center to work-from-home opportunities, designed to save you money, strengthen business continuity, and achieve your business outcomes.

  • Work-from-home
  • On-site
  • Bespoke Model
Digital Transformation

Backing our talented Teammates with the latest technology so that they operate even more efficiently, and accurately.


Beyond the showcase, our demo center is a collaborative space where you can discuss your unique business challenges and explore customizations and integrations that align with business needs and goals.


PowerUs is TaskUs’ global operating framework that allows teams to continuously meet evolving business parameters and deliver best-in-class results through tried and tested standard industry practices and processes. PowerUs is our transformation initiative designed to ensure every client captures the very best of Us!

What Sets Us Apart

True Partnership

We offer strategic insights, industry expertise, and innovative solutions to help drive your growth. We are committed to becoming a long-term partner and achieving shared success.

Tailored Solutions

We provide more than just standard outsourcing services. We collaborate closely with clients, understanding their unique needs, and crafting bespoke strategies to address them.

Effective, Employee-Centered Training

Our state-of-the-art training program leverages digital tools and immersive training experiences, ensuring increased speed to proficiency and high-quality customer experiences.

Prioritized Roadmaps

We prioritize key initiatives and plan staged implementation for swift results and long-term value. TaskUs supports your businesses at every step, ensuring you stay on the path to growth and success.
  • TaskUs has been a flexible partner and has exceeded our expectations for delivering a great quality service. They’ve rapidly deployed several sites that service multiple disciplines across our business environment. Their leadership and management are extremely responsive and adapt to rapid changes in our business needs.

    Director of Customer Service & Support, Software Company – as shown on Gartner Peer Insights Review
  • Fantastic partnership leading to happier customers both internally and externally…

    Working with TaskUs has been incredible from the beginning and I look forward to see how we can continue to grow our partnership. They are always thoughtful with their communications to clients ensuring they have the data to back up their recommendations.

    Vendor Manager, IT Company
    A BPO agent working to provide cx services

    Proof of Excellence

    From Pilot to Success: Workforce Planning Strategies for Agile Marketplace Compliance
    Find out how TaskUs helped a client ensure marketplace compliance. Through strategic workforce planning and robust training, TaskUs quickly assembled a team that effectively communicated policy updates to sellers, achieving impressive compliance rates and enhancing operational efficiency.
    Leveraging Data Analytics to Increase AOV in Retail
    TaskUs helped a prominent eCommerce retailer boost their Average Order Value (AOV) during the holiday season. By leveraging data analytics and optimizing the sales process, the client achieved a 92% sales increase in the first 30 days and a 40% rise in both customer satisfaction and AOV.

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