Leveraging Data Analytics to Increase AOV in Retail


Leveraging Data Analytics to Increase AOV in Retail

The peak season like the holidays is a crucial time for the retail industry. It requires meticulous preparations to ensure that shelves are stocked and there are enough staff available to assist shoppers. During this period, even a slight dip in sales can have significant financial consequences, making it crucial to quickly adapt and find innovative solutions. To prepare for this, many companies are turning to strategic retail outsourcing partners with expertise in digital customer experience as the answer to how to increase Average Order Value (AOV).

The Challenge

Our Client, a prominent multi-brand eCommerce retailer specializing in holiday ornaments and home decor, sought ways on how to improve their AOV by capitalizing on their already high customer traffic during the peak season. They needed a partner to enhance customer order amounts, aiming to not just replicate but also exceed their previous season’s success.

The Answer is Us

The Client partnered with Us to achieve enhanced AOV, break sales records, and improve customer experience. Utilizing our experience on leveraging data analytics to improve retail customer experience, we analyzed 2,517 sales interactions and made the following upgrades to their overall sales strategy:

  • Revamped existing training modules to boost product knowledge and sales processes
  • Implemented automated solutions for enhanced customer relations and faster responses
  • Streamlined queue management to reduce wait times
  • Adopted a proactive approach to addressing post-sale inquiries for enhanced customer satisfaction and repeat patronage

The Result

TaskUs’ expertise in data analytics and retail customer experience transformation proved to be the answer to improving AOV. With a transformed sales process, comprehensive customer service training, cutting-edge tools, and streamlined tactics, our partnership resulted in the following:

  • 92% sales increase in the first 30 days of the peak season
  • 2% total annual revenue growth vs. previous year
  • 40% rise in both CSAT and AOV
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    Leveraging Data Analytics to Increase AOV in Retail


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