Unleash the power of the crowd
Discover our universal platform to source and manage global talent for data collection, data annotation, and more.
Enter TaskVerse
TaskVerse is a centralized platform to source, recruit, and manage freelancers or “Taskers” from anywhere around the world.

In addition to our full-time and in-house dedicated TaskUs Teammates, Taskers take on tasks such as audio transcription, image annotation, data collection, among others.

With the flexibility to work any number of hours from anywhere, TaskVerse opens a new dimension to attract, access, and engage with the best global talent.
Harnessing global talent

A multitude of tasks on a global scale

Providing quality services for some of the world’s leading companies requires a larger, more diverse, and flexible workforce that goes beyond traditional BPO models.

We discovered a new way to offer our partners access to worldwide talent, with a never-before-seen capability to handcraft their team’s demographic composition to overcome biases and blind spots.
Tasks on TaskVerse
Taskers can choose and complete a variety of tasks.
Digital Customer Experience
Deliver world-class customer support for some of the world’s leading and disruptive brands
AI Data Labeling
Build high-quality machine models through data annotation
Content Moderation
Safeguard online spaces with Us through content moderation
How it works
  • Extensive profiling of our Teammates & Taskers in a range of area
  • Custom testing and training workflows depending on specific program needs
  • A centralized management center that automatically connects Taskers to tasks
  • We make it easy to connect to proprietary or third-party tools, with no strings attached
  • Compliant with major software and data privacy regulations and best practices
Diverse and Different
At TaskUs, we welcome a full spectrum of nationalities, races, ages, genders, and abilities. Therefore, when it comes to gathering data to improve products and services, we follow a nuanced approach–unbiased, fair, and always people-first.
19 %
Ethnicity –
African or Black






Dialect & Accent


Country of birth/residence

Time in country




Work history


Hobbies & Interests

Social Media followers

Group memberships

Family structures


Physical impairments

Mental disabilities



Driver’s License

Specialization (linguistics, medical, legal, etc.)






Internet connectivity


Age 40+



Gender Identity – Female


Education Level –
Bachelor’s Degree
(or equivalent)


Gender Identity – Nonbinary, Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid, Genderqueer, Bigender

600,000+ Taskers in over 100 countries, speaking over 100 languages
4,000 PhDs25,000 Master’s Degrees10,000 Lawyers15,000 Journalists8,000 Political Scientists19,000 Economists8,000 Sociologists17,000 Historians18,000 Psychologists60,000 Computer Scientists15,000 Biologists

10,000  Physicists

14,000 Chemists

25,000 Medicine and Health Practitioners
Operational Excellence
Rapid Recruiting
With a dedicated talent acquisition team, we build highly-specialized teams with diverse skills from channel management expertise to multiverse skillsets fit for the right projects.
Bias Prevention
We assess, verify and curate teams to prevent bias, and to ensure quality, trust, and top authentic talent for every program. We source ethically and train according to the needs of your specific program.
Bespoke Solutioning
Taskers and full-time and highly capable TaskUs Teammates collaborate to design bespoke solutions for high-growth companies with complex needs. Our structure provides maximum flexibility to fit your requirements.
Wellness & Resiliency
We provide 24/7 holistic clinician-led wellness programs. We have a single unified goal: to provide the best, most empathic, and swift assistance to the community as a whole.
Continuous Quality Control
We fuse high-tech automation and white-glove review tailored to specific project requirements. From resourcing to testing, training, automated and manual QA, to community curation—our framework feeds upskilling and training opportunities to ensure optimal execution for long-term success.
Case Study
On-demand Crowd Image and Video Data Collection
Learn how we were able to gather high quality image and video data to train an object recognition model to identify objects with higher accuracy.
  • 200 diverse participants: 100 Teammates and 100 Taskers
  • Data collected from 9 different ethnic groups in 6 countries
  • 25,000 collected data points

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    On-demand Crowd Image and Video Data Collection


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