Data Tagging for an Autonomous Vehicle Company


Self-driving vehicles are now being integrated into our daily activities—from delivering goods right to our doorsteps or simply taking us to our next destination. But what exactly fuels these self-driving cars? The answer is pretty simple: high-quality AI models designed by the best data labeling experts.

A leading US-based autonomous vehicle company partnered with Us to help refine and enhance their AI training and beat their competition. They needed an agile partner that could scale their data annotation to meet the growing demand. Watch the video below and see how we helped them:

  • Scale an initial 100-FTE project to 1,800 FTEs;
  • Build a quality management framework from scratch and perform 200 tasks per week; and 
  • Achieve a 98% accuracy score and 115% overall production rate.

It goes without saying that for innovative companies to stay ahead of the competition, they need to have innovative strategies. Now is always the best time to take the next step and get a head start on your data labeling needs.