TaskUs Anti-Human Trafficking and Slavery Policy

TaskUs Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“TaskUs”) are committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics everywhere we operate or do business. This includes a commitment to respect human rights and take steps to prevent forced labor, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and other forms of modern slavery within our own business and supply chain.

Through this Anti-Human Trafficking and Slavery Policy (“Policy”), we communicate our values and expectations, setting a high bar for ourselves and our partners and making clear that we do not tolerate modern slavery.

While this Policy is intended to provide basic guidance, it cannot anticipate the many questions that may arise in this area. Therefore, you should always seek advice immediately from TaskUs’s Legal Team if you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure whether an action might violate this Policy.

This Policy applies to all persons working for us globally or on our behalf in any capacity, including employees at all levels (indefinite term, fixed-term, or part-time), gig workers, casual workers, directors, officers, managers, agency workers, seconded workers, trainees, interns, volunteers, agents, contractors, suppliers, vendors, external consultants, third party representatives and business partners.
Our Policy Statement

Modern slavery is one of the most complex and important human rights challenges of our time. While there is no globally agreed definition of modern slavery, it is commonly used to refer to exploitative practices including forced labor, human trafficking, deceptive recruiting for labor services, the worst forms of child labor and forced marriage.

TaskUs does not tolerate modern slavery. We are fully committed to taking actions to ensure that this unlawful practice does not occur in our operations and supply chain. This approach contains the following elements:

  • Avoid any activity, practice or conduct that might lead to, or constitute, modern slavery through TaskUs activities, including in our supply chain;
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate;
  • Raise any concerns and report any actual or suspected modern slavery to TaskUs’s Legal Team, a supervisor or manager, the HR Team, or TaskUs’s Integrity Line;
  • Commit to investigate and assess the risk of modern slavery in our business and in relation to our suppliers and other business partners; and
  • Adopt appropriate due diligence in relation to our business and suppliers and other business partners to ensure they have in place ethical employment practices that comply with all relevant legislation including, where applicable, local laws on anti-slavery.
Communication and Awareness of this Policy

To maintain awareness and ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery, we commit to:

  • Publish this policy on our website;
  • Provide training on this Policy and the risk that our business faces from modern slavery to employees at induction, and on a periodic basis as necessary thereafter; and
  • Communicate this Policy to all those working for us or on our behalf in any capacity at the outset of the business relationship, reinforcing our expectations as appropriate thereafter.
Compliance and Disciplinary Actions
Any suspected breach of this Policy will be investigated. Any employee, regardless of position or title, found to be in breach of this Policy may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. We may terminate our relationship with other individuals and organizations working for us and on our behalf if they breach this Policy.

TaskUs employees, contractors, business associates, consultants and other individuals and organizations working with us are expected to report promptly violations of this Policy and other TaskUs policies and all regulations. Any suspected wrongdoing, whether within TaskUs or one of its suppliers, should promptly be reported. Any reports should be directed to:

  • TaskUs’s Legal Team
  • Your supervisor
  • Another supervisor or manager
  • The HR Team

Alternatively, anonymous reports may be made through the following platforms:

  • Via TaskUs’s 24-hour reporting hotlines:
    CANADA 844-634-3259
    COLOMBIA 018005190495
    CROATIA 0800-787-012
    GREECE 800-848-1129
    INDIA 000-800-9191-228
    IRELAND 1800-851-666
    JAPAN 0066-3386-8134
    MALAYSIA 1-800-81-0634
    MEXICO 800-681-9293
    PHILIPPINES 1800-1-322-0338
    SERBIA 0800-800661
    TAIWAN 0080-149-1473
    UNITED STATES 1-844-744-0585
  • Via the TaskUs Integrity Line website available here: https://secure.ethicspoint.eu/domain/media/en/gui/108160/index.html#report

Reports of violations of this Policy will be investigated promptly. Supervisors are required to notify the HR Team immediately.

To the extent possible, all reports and the identities of the individuals who made the reports, will be treated as confidential at all the stages of the process and will not be disclosed. It may only be used solely in addressing and investigating the specific incident(s) related to the report. Such reports will be shared with TaskUs’ investigation team, management, and other authorized individuals only on a need-to-know basis.

Suppliers, vendors, and other external parties may likewise also report suspected abuse to the above contacts. They can also contact their regular sourcing channel in TaskUs for any clarifications or guidance on the application of this Policy, or if they wish to report suspected abuse.

Responsibility, Review and Remediation
The TaskUs Legal Team will oversee the implementation of this Policy and work to take reasonable steps to ensure that this Policy is followed. The Legal Team shall review the Policy periodically and update it as needed.