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Ridiculously Good immersive experiences require Ridiculously Large and diverse amounts of data.

That’s where we come in.

TaskUs works with the most cutting-edge AR and VR developers, collecting training VR data and providing large-scale data annotation, user testing, product feedback, and more your business needs.

We Support You Every Step of the Way


Data Collection

Collect millions of text, audio, image, and video data samples to train machine learning algorithms for AR and VR products


Data Annotation

Annotate visual data with bounding boxes, polygons, cuboids, lines and splines, semantic segmentation for image, video, and sensor data


Development & Testing

Test the user functionality of the product, including how it operated in various lighting configurations, room layouts, and user demographics


Ongoing Support

Provide customer support post-launch across all major markets, as well as handle ongoing moderation of AR and VR digital spaces
Services for Augmented and Virtual Reality
Data Collection
Data Collection
Capture and collect data to train AR and VR applications according to technical, demographic, and timeline requirements
Image & Video Annotation
Image & Video Annotation
Annotate visual data with bounding boxes, polygons, cuboids, lines and splines, semantic segmentation, and more for image, video, and sensor data
Point Cloud Annotation
Point Cloud Annotation
Use high-precision labeling tools to meticulously annotate point cloud data from a variety of sources, including cameras, LiDAR, and sensors
Content Moderation
Content Moderation
Safeguard digital environments by setting up large-scale content moderation response programs for users
Testing & Product Feedback
Testing & Product Feedback
Ensure AR/VR devices work well across a diverse population, as well as better understand device performance and usage, user experiences, and behavior
Case Study
VR Data Collection for a Global Tech Company
We partnered with a leading AR/VR company to exponentially scale, refine, and enhance their ongoing research and prototype development.
  • Collected 1,000 high-quality VR captures from 250 participants
  • Provided 75 devices to participants to conduct captures; facilitated precise delivery, pick-up, and tracking from participant homes
  • Targeted acquisition for bias prevention (skintone, tattoos, body type, height etc.)

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    VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company


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