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Located in Thessaloniki, the cultural capital of Greece, our office offers a prime location, competitive compensation, and the award-winning TaskUs culture where diverse talent thrives.

Here at TaskUs Greece, we prioritize career development, empowering your personal and professional growth through purposeful work. Unlock a world of opportunities with Us and be part of a global environment that nurtures your potential.

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Strong EU Support

TaskUs Greece is home to some of our highest-performing clients in need of expert bilingual or dedicated European language support and tech-enabled services. 

Our team is fluent in over 30 languages, including Greek, English, French, and German, providing the expertise you need to succeed in today’s global market. We deliver efficient, effective, and AI-powered BPO solutions to meet all your business needs.


European city offering talented teammates and an incredible lifestyle

32 languages

capabilities including German, Italian, French, Russian

People-First, Purposeful Work

TaskUs Site in Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece



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  • TaskUs Greece

    “When I decided to join TaskUs Greece, I wasn’t just looking for another job. I wanted an all-in-one experience—a place where I could see myself growing, developing, and most importantly, having fun while working together with a team that I like!

    I feel it is a privilege nowadays to be working with a call center in Greece that knows how to bring the best out of you! And for me, that is TaskUs!”

  • TaskUs Greece

    “What started as a usual job search and reading of employees’ reviews shared on Glassdoor ended up as an amazing experience! I truly believe in TaskUs’ company values. The best thing is to be in a place where somebody really cares about you and your personal growth!”

    World-Class Leadership

    • Nikos Stavropoulos
      Vice President of Operations, TaskUs

      Nikos has over 17 years of experience in the BPO industry, with expertise in steering multilingual and multicultural operations while overseeing diverse client portfolios. He started his journey at the frontline and worked his way up to his current position as Vice President of Operations at TaskUs Europe. He is adept at managing various service lines and markets. In addition to his accomplishments, Nikos is committed to fostering a workplace culture that engages all team members, promotes continuous human-led and AI-powered innovation, and encourages open-mindedness towards new ideas and forward-thinking practices.

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