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    Building smarter AI assistants—from data collection to deployment

Igniting AI Virtual Assistant Development

AI-powered virtual assistants require copious amounts of high quality data to perform optimally, accurately, and effectively.

For over a decade, TaskUs has partnered with leading tech companies to create and train intelligent virtual assistant models.

Our Ridiculously Good services help virtual assistants such as chatbots, AI voice assistants, and AI avatars perform interactive, human-like interactions faster, smarter, and better.

We Support You Every Step of the Way


Data Collection

Ensure maximum effectiveness of your intelligent virtual assistant across markets by collecting text and speech data from a diverse crowd in different languages and dialects.


Data Annotation

Annotate large-scale text & speech data: analyze conversations, transcribe speech, validate transcriptions, and classify intent and sentiment.


Development & Testing

Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your AI voice assistant with user testing to identify key bugs and failure cases.



Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your AI virtual assistant with continuous support as business needs evolve.
Data Labeling Services for AI Virtual Assistants
Audio Transcription
Audio Transcription
Transcribe audio and speech data to train machine learning systems
video annotation services
Text Classification
Add tags or labels to text data, assigning different categories to build custom datasets for virtual assistants
Audio Data Collection
Audio Data Collection
Gather speech data across all languages, dialects, and accents from native speakers across the globe
Acoustic Data Collection
Acoustic Data Collection
Record and collect audio training data from various environments such as studios, cafes, streets, train stations, and more
Multilingual Data Collection
Multilingual Data Collection
Compile diverse natural language utterances to train audio-enabled machine learning systems
Audio Evaluation
Audio Evaluation
Evaluate a large volume of pre-recorded audio data to enhance the reliability and precision of ML models
Case Study
Audio Transcription and Tagging for a Global Tech Company
TaskUs transcribes audio data captured by the Client’s devices, which are utilized by the Client to further improve their virtual assistant:
  • 10 million items tagged per week
  • 92%+ average Accuracy Rate
  • New Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) lines of business for the Client in the next two years

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    Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company


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