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We blend human expertise with intelligent technology to reliably reduce regulatory risks, while helping predict and prevent the next threat.

TaskUs: A Leader

We are a “Leader” in Everest Group’s Financial Crime and Compliance (FCC) Operations – Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.

TaskUs recorded an impressive score in the assessment report’s two evaluation dimensions–Market Impact and Vision & Capability–ranking ahead of other organizations.

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    Everest Group Financial Crime And Compliance (FCC) Operations Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 - Focus On TaskUs


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    Reducing Risk and Maximizing Your Competitive Advantage

    The digital economy is witnessing increasing fraud and financial crime. Safeguard your business with cutting-edge technology and solutions to help mitigate risks while you focus on growing your business.
    A step ahead. Always.

    Innovation with integrity.

    As the economy becomes increasingly digital, the risk of fraud and financial crime may be difficult to see, anticipate and respond to effectively.

    We understand the need to stay a step ahead. At TaskUs we constantly innovate new technology, techniques, and solutions methodologies to mitigate these risks.

    The vulnerabilities of the digital economy continue to manifest and we arm our clients with effective processes and put in place ongoing monitoring, and repeatable and high-quality processes, reliable and consistent controls. This leads to improved customer experience with streamlined digital interactions, enhanced transparency and governance and effective data analysis.

    A Unique Hybrid Approach:
    Humans + Technology

    The combination of technology and human touch is the strongest weapon to thwart bad actors. While reliance on technology continues to grow, humans play a critical role in reviewing and analyzing data to make informed decisions where technology could leave a blind spot.

    Seamless Customer Experience

    Customer experience is key to acquisition and retention. Customers can’t afford long onboarding and due diligence processes. TaskUs makes KYC, KYB and transaction monitoring processes streamlined and more user friendly which leads to shorter onboarding timelines thereby enhancing customer experience.

    We understand the pain caused due to disputes and chargeback processing and provide end to end services for you manage chargebacks effectively. New and emerging types of fraud create a need to use new technology and clear high volumes of disputes and false positives at an affordable low cost.

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    Risk + Response Services
    Combating fraud, preventing money laundering, and managing compliance
    Through constant vigilance, rigorous processes, and sophisticated security measures, we protect businesses, preserve assets, uphold customer trust, and mitigate legal and reputational risks in the face of ever-changing digital threats.
    Identity Management

    KYC, KYB, KY-Everything. We work to make sure you know everything you need to know about the users, sellers, merchants, and creators on your platform ultimately helping you achieve automated operating efficiencies and high quality customer experience and CSAT.

    Our proprietary identity solutions help safeguard your platform while still accounting for and servicing your KYC and KYB needs. Purpose-built, these solutions have you covered – across payment platforms, gig economy, online marketplaces, financial institutions, and FinTech disruptors.


    Let’s “decode” the complex world for regulatory compliance including anti-money laundering, to sanctions screening, to risk assessment and more. We help you navigate the regulatory landscape and reduce complexity through industry best practices for people, process, and technology deployment.

    Our expertise and solutions simplify regulatory complexity. We deploy and scale AML/CFT compliance, sanctions screening, and enhanced due diligence teams so that you can adapt to regulatory changes in real time.


    Through a rigorous process built on deep human expertise, enhanced by AI, we proactively protect businesses against fraud — preserving assets, upholding customer trust, and helping mitigate legal and reputational risks.

    We analyze enormous datasets to identify potentially fraudulent patterns and behaviors, while facilitating legitimate customer interactions. Our multi-layered approach safeguards against both internal errors and external bad actors so you can operate with confidence.

    Digital Transformation

    We build automation technology into our solutions from day one to deliver better quality outcomes faster, improve efficiency and reduce risks. Our partner channel helps you gain operational efficiencies quicker with easy deployments and better outcomes.

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    Why TaskUs

    The Best of Both Worlds

    A constant, seamless interaction between highly trained teams and cutting edge technology makes our approach exceptionally strong.

    Through the combination of reliable, repeatable processes, high performing financial analysts and automation, our solutions deliver the strongest controls with increased effectiveness and efficiencies for you to better manage the many risks associated with financial crime.

    Best-in-class talent

    In a globally connected, complex and highly regulated environment, our capable workforce of specialists help navigate the rising tide of financial crime. We help you comply with regulations with the highest level of ethics, integrity and confidentiality, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for your users and customers.

    Technology enabled innovation

    Our technology-enabled solutions include automating workflows, integrating relevant data, and streamlining processes to ensure a scalable, secure and risk absorbent environment.

    Global reach and scale

    We offer a global, consistent platform delivered through Centers of Excellence hubs with more than 6,000 operations professionals worldwide. We can scale workforce across geographies and with our flexible model deliver services on/offshore to balance cost, service levels and language needs.

    Our Results

    • FinTech Company Improves Quality of Anti-fraud Services

      Our client a modern card issuing platform company, switched to TaskUs to handle its chargeback and disputes investigation process.

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    • Safeguarding Online Marketplace Integrity during Rapid Growth

      Learn how we substantially and swiftly reduced instances of counterfeit, prohibited, and mass-produced items, decreased fraudulent activities; and increased protection of small business owners on the platform.

    • Optimizing Compliance Processes for a Vacation Rental Online Marketplace Company

      Learn how we helped our Client expand services and cater to their growing customer demand by increasing productivity, accuracy, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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        How a Leading Card-Issuing Platform Enhanced Accuracy and Financial Crime Compliance to Prevent Losses


        I understand that my information will be used in accordance with applicable data privacy law and TaskUs' Data Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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          Achieving High Performance in Complex Risk Operations


          I understand that my information will be used in accordance with applicable data privacy law and TaskUs' Data Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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            Optimizing Compliance: Reduced Case Backlogs, Error Rates for a Global Vacation Rental Company


            I understand that my information will be used in accordance with applicable data privacy law and TaskUs' Data Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy for additional information.

            • Banks and non-banks increasingly have to face the delicate task of ensuring compliance without adversely impacting their customers' experience,” said Dheeraj Maken, Practice Director, Everest Group. “TaskUs with its strong CXM background is able to help enterprises manage this challenge effectively. Additionally, it has offerings focused on cryptocurrencies, gig-economies, gaming, FinTech, eCommerce, and more. This strong foundation has led to its recognition as a Leader in Everest Group’s FCC Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.

              Dheeraj Maken, Practice Director | Everest Group

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