TaskUs and its affiliated subsidiaries, in its commitment to the observance of fair, ethical and transparent business practices, hereby requires its Suppliers to respect and to adhere to the following minimum standards when conducting business with TaskUs. Compliance with this Code shall, when necessary and applicable, extend to its Suppliers’ parent, subsidiary or affiliates, employees, sub-contractors, and other parties with whom such Suppliers may transact with for purposes of complying with its obligations to TaskUs.

TaskUs expects its Suppliers to adhere to all pertinent and applicable laws and regulations, as well as industry standards and best practices. This Code is deemed incorporated in every contract or agreement which TaskUs may enter into with its Suppliers, and hereby reserves the right to verify compliance with its provisions through internal or external assessment mechanisms, and to require implementation therewith when necessary or warranted.

I. Labor and Human Rights

The Supplier shall treat its employees with dignity and respect, and shall uphold the highest standards of human rights. The Supplier shall faithfully comply with all labor laws, rules, and regulations. The Supplier shall ensure that all work is voluntary, and lawfully compensated. The Supplier shall ensure that its employees are of the applicable minimum legal age, subject to such exceptions as may be allowed by law.

The Supplier shall not discriminate against any worker based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, union membership, or any other status protected by law.

II. Business Ethics and Integrity

TaskUs expects Supplier to be ethical in every aspect of its business, including relationships, practices, sourcing and operations. The Supplier shall not engage in any unethical, inappropriate or criminal activity including but not limited to acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, bribery (e.g., to obtain an unfair or improper advantage) and shall strictly abide by all applicable laws of the TaskUs entity with which Supplier is engaged.

The Supplier shall not, directly or indirectly, offer the employees, officers, agents and/or authorized representatives of TaskUs any money, goods and/or services (a) in consideration for or in expectation of a favorable decision, recommendation or vote; (b) in exchange for any information, whether confidential or otherwise; or (c) to induce the Supplier to perform an act which amounts to any form of favoritism or corruption.

The Supplier shall immediately inform TaskUs if any of TaskUs’ employees, officers, agents and/or authorized representatives solicits, obtains or attempts to obtain gratification for himself/herself or for any other persons, or induces or attempts to induce the Supplier to commit a corrupt act/practice.

The Supplier shall immediately disclose to TaskUs if any of its employees or officers is/ are related to any of TaskUs’ employees, officers, agents and/or authorized representatives. Failure to make such declaration shall be construed as a conflict of interest.

III. Anti-Corruption Policy

Further to Section 2 above, TaskUs and its parent company, affiliates and business units are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards of business conduct at home and abroad. TaskUs maintains a zero tolerance policy toward bribery and an effective program of internal systems and controls to support compliance with the letter and the spirit of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (“OECD Anti-Bribery Convention”) and the anti-corruption laws of all countries in which TaskUs, and its parent company, affiliates and business units conduct business.

The Supplier undertakes and warrants to TaskUs that it, shall not, directly or through third parties, give, promise or attempt to give, or approve or authorize the giving of, anything of value to any person or any entity for the purpose of:

  1. Securing any improper advantage for TaskUs;
  2. Inducing or influencing a public official improperly to take action or refrain from taking action in order for any party hereunder to obtain or retain business, or to secure the direction of business to either party; or
  3. Inducing or influencing a public official to use his/her influence with any government or public international organization for such purpose.

Supplier’s suppliers or business partners who suspect any violation of these policies are encouraged to immediately report them by sending an email to vendor.contracts@taskus.com and procurementhelpdesk@taskus.com. The sender can remain anonymous if he/she prefers.

IV. Disclosure of Information

The Supplier shall keep a complete and accurate record of information regarding its business activities, labor, health and safety, and environmental practices and shall disclose such information, without falsification or misrepresentation to all appropriate parties.

V. Protection of Intellectual Property

The Supplier shall respect and protect intellectual property rights and safeguard customer information at all times.

VI. Community Engagement

The Supplier is encouraged to help foster social and economic development and contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which it operates.

VII. Charitable Contributions

TaskUs achieves its business objectives by conducting itself ethically and responsibly and we actively seek out opportunities to partner with companies that respect these as their own requirements. Suppliers who share these commitments are prioritized accordingly to engage with TaskUs.

TaskUs has adopted policies and developed measures to protect the company’s reputation for integrity. TaskUs prohibits improper business practices with a focus on compliance with applicable laws including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, Anti-Graft and Corruption Practices Act of Philippines (RA3019), The Prevention of Corruption Act of India, and similar laws and conventions globally. Suppliers are required to comply with all applicable laws, ethical standards and any additional guidelines as provided by TaskUs.

TaskUs embraces corporate social responsibility by actively seeking out opportunities to make a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and in society. Local charities and organizations whose missions align with the Company’s core values receive support from TaskUs. Suppliers engaged by TaskUs are provided with opportunities to share this commitment towards supporting charitable institutions through innumerable local activities such as but not limited to the following: environmental awareness and improvement initiatives that promote a cleaner environment, advocacy for causes protecting basic human rights, donations and charitable contributions, sponsorship or other organizational and funding activities that promote health, safety, fair treatment, development and education for those in need. TaskUs and its employees believe in the importance of using donations and charitable contributions to connect more closely with each other as employees, their work at TaskUs, and help drive change locally for a more productive workforce.

We treat with the highest value those partnerships with companies that show their commitment to achieving business goals while giving back to the community and being outstanding corporate citizens.

VIII. Audits and Assessments

The Supplier shall perform periodic evaluation of its facilities and operations, and the facilities and operations of its subcontractors to ensure compliance with this Code and the law.

The Supplier will permit TaskUs and /or a third party designated by TaskUs to periodically evaluate the Supplier’s facilities and operations, and those of its subcontractors, to the extent they are providing goods or services to TaskUs.

IX. Representation from Suppliers

The Supplier declares and warrants that: 

  1. It will comply with all rules, regulations and statutory requirements relating to the provision of the products/ services to TaskUs; 
  2. It will not act in concert with other suppliers or agents when participating in a bid; 
  3. It is a duly authorized/certified provider of the supplied products/services and shall not, expressly or impliedly hold itself out to be an agent/representative of a third party provider of the same products/services; 
  4. It will only supply products that are certified to be of merchantable and satisfactory quality; 
  5. It possesses the necessary capabilities, equipment and suitable place of business to perform its obligations; 
  6. It shall not contract out or subcontract or outsource any portion of the products/services without the prior written consent or TaskUs; and 
  7. It shall maintain the highest standards of integrity and quality of work at all times. 

The foregoing shall serve as continuing warranties, and the Supplier is expected to ensure compliance of its contract with TaskUs’ Code and policies.

X. Modifications to the Code

TaskUs may modify this Code of Conduct at any time and without notice pursuant but not limited to, any change, update, modification of, and for TaskUs to be able to maintain compliance with, any legal and/or regulatory requirements and to align with any TaskUs policies, standards, practices, and/or organizational changes.

XI. Grievances

TaskUs has established a secure communication channel to enable the Supplier to convey its questions or concerns confidentially and/or to report a questionable behavior or possible violation of the Code of Conduct. For this purpose, the Supplier may contact: vendor.contracts@taskus.com and procurementhelpdesk@taskus.com.

TaskUs assures the Supplier that all information or complaints shall be treated strictly confidential. TaskUs further assures the Supplier that it shall not tolerate any act of retribution, retaliation or harassment, or any threat or attempt thereof, by anyone against a concerned Supplier who has, in good faith, sought out advice or has reported questionable behavior and/or a possible violation of this Code. TaskUs shall take the appropriate disciplinary action and/or impose the necessary sanction on anyone who threatens or commits such retaliatory act and/or act of harassment against the Supplier.

XII. Sanctions

Breach of this Code of Conduct may result in the imposition of sanction/s on the erring Supplier, depending on the nature and gravity of the breach. The range of sanctions which TaskUs may impose on the erring Supplier shall include, but is not limited to the following: 

  1. Formal warning that the continued non-compliance will lead to the imposition of a more severe sanction; 
  2. Disclosure of nature of breach to TaskUs’ parent company and subsidiary/ies; c. Immediate termination of contract, without recourse; 
  3. Exclusion of the Supplier from present and future procurement activities, 

The foregoing sanctions shall be without prejudice to any legal action which TaskUs may pursue for the protection of its rights and interests.