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Looking for a workplace that helps you grow both as an individual and as part of a team? At TaskUs Colombia, we’re hyper-focused on building a Ridiculously Good work environment and investing in your well-being and career development.

Imagine working in state-of-the-art BPO and call center production floors surrounded by collaboration and lounge areas, ensuring you can work at your best while also having fun. Enjoy perks and benefits for you and your loved ones. Here with Us, you come first.

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TaskUs Colombia, one of our fastest-growing locations, is home to a diverse talent pool, comprising bilingual Spanish and English-speaking professionals who are highly skilled and capable of delivering exceptional performance.

By partnering with TaskUs in Colombia, you can leverage the benefits of human-led, AI-backed BPO services and the country’s world-class technology infrastructure, enabling your business to expand on a global scale.


Literacy Rate

7,000 B2/C1
English speaking graduates annually

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  • TaskUs Colombia

    “I have almost completed a year in TaskUs Colombia, and it has been an incredible experience. I have never been this motivated, and I consider all the people in the company as excellent team members. I keep learning and growing, which I also enjoy.”

  • TaskUs Colombia

    “Being part of TaskUs Colombia has been a super cool experience. It was even before I came that I could see that it was a cool company, but now that I am inside, I realize it is much better. Here I can express myself; I feel they listen to me and like my ideas. There is an excellent work environment; best of all, it is a company where you can see yourself long-term.”

    World-Class Leadership

    • Satish Varanasi
      Senior Vice President of Operations and Interim Geo Lead, TaskUs

      Satish’s success in business management is directly related to his ability to support clients and enable their ultimate success. An expert at training teams to achieve demanding service goals, Satish has a successful track record of delivering solutions to clients and has a remarkable achievement in team leadership and project management.

      He is passionate about delivering service beyond organizational expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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