• The Arena — Cali, Colombia

    Scoring Big
    with Bilingualism

Designed with the city’s passion and enthusiasm for sports, the TaskUs Cali site called “The Arena” offers a Ridiculously Fun BPO workspace that nurtures our employees’ strengths both as individuals and as part of the TaskUs Cali team. 

Imagine hustling in world-class BPO workspaces, training rooms, and production floors, with a particular focus on coaching and collaboration rooms/areas. In addition to amenities like a game room and gym, did we mention we have our own outdoor soccer field?

Cali is a welcoming and diverse city that is home to a large pool of talented and multi-skilled fresh graduates. They are highly competent and capable of communicating in English, Spanish, and even Portuguese. 

Known as the “Cradle of Multinationals”, TaskUs Cali boasts world-class IT infrastructure and connectivity. With a broad spectrum of BPO services and channels supported, our team caters to various industry needs. Our unyielding commitment to generating remarkable results for our clients has propelled our swift growth in the region.






Soccer Field




Square feet

Interview Room

Production Area

Reimagining, Redefining, and
Reinvigorating the Workplace

Hit Your Career Goals

The Arena offers the chance to develop your talents, establish career stability, and expand your experiences by working for a global company and clients. At TaskUs Cali, we take pride in equipping our team with superior language skills through our unique “Art of Fluency” program. This innovative training focuses on enhancing English proficiency, a skill that opens up countless opportunities.

Our commitment to your professional journey doesn’t end there. We power your growth through robust learning and training programs. By fostering an environment of continuous learning and development, we ensure that a Ridiculously Rewarding career awaits you.

High Employee and Client Satisfaction

Cali’s vibrant and service-oriented culture makes it an ideal outsourcing and call center location for bilingual language requirements. Our Teammates speak neutral Spanish, which helps improve communication and promote better business interactions. 

High levels of employee satisfaction are the norm at TaskUs Cali. By ensuring our employees’ well-being, we’re cultivating a thriving, motivated BPO workforce capable of delivering exceptional results. This commitment to our people directly translates into high customer and client satisfaction, with our partners repeatedly acknowledging our dependable partnership and high-quality performance.

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