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The customer experience is everything.

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Retail + e-Commerce
Job One: Exceed Their Expectations
Whether you’re selling in a physical location, online or both, an outstanding, personal customer experience is critical to your success. Through a combination of technology, strategy, and ridiculously smart people, we help you deliver that consistency—even in an ever-changing world.
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Focus On Next-Gen Omnichannel Solutions

With over 40 service offerings, TaskUs delivers service and support across all touchpoints, keeping customers engaged and driving loyalty in every channel.

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Proven Experience In e-Commerce + Retail CX

With deep expertise in the Retail and e-Commerce space, we can share best practices and guide customers on the technology and processes needed to achieve their goals.

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Using AI To Personalize The Customer Experience
We help you fully utilize your data to personalize your customer journey, your offers, and your channel interactions to drive loyalty and satisfaction.
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    Bailey Boyd
    Director of Business Development for Retail and eCommerce | TaskUs
    Clients come to TaskUs because we’re disrupting our industry the same way many of them have disrupted their own. We’re changing the way great customer care is delivered and we do it by over-investing in our frontline people and ensuring every teammate feels empowered to deliver ridiculously good experiences.
    Retail + e-Commerce
    What We Do
    Industry Leading Customer Support

    Excellent customer support isn’t just a competitive advantage, it’s an absolute necessity.

    Our concierge-level support services include:

    Customer Care

    • Account-related Concerns
    • Subscription/Membership Concerns
    • Rewards/Loyalty Programs
    • Order Management
    • Shipping Inquiries
    • Returns, Replacement, and Refunds
    • Sales and Lead Generation, Cross-selling, and Upselling
    • Technical Support Services
    • Billing and Payments Support

    Omnichannel Solutions and Support

    • Voice
    • Chat
    • Email
    • SMS
    • In-app Messaging
    • Social Media
    Back-Office Mastery

    The best customer support is not just about solving a client’s question reactively, but providing the kind of experience that turns customers into passionate brand evangelists.

    We offer a wide range of next-gen, back-office capabilities, including:

    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Customer Review Monitoring
    • Data Entry and Enrichment
    • Data Cleansing and Aggregation
    • Online Research
    • Digital Marketing Support
    • Photo/Video Tagging
    • Photo Retouching
    • Product Retouching
    • Product Uploads
    • Product Copywriting
    Globally Recognized Content Moderation

    Regulating and monitoring pieces of content for brand safety and to protect the consumer experience should be as important as providing best-in-class retail customer support.

    That’s why we offer a variety of content moderation services, which include:

    • Marketplace Fraud Detection
    • e-Commerce Fraud Prevention
    • Account Security Detection
    • Profile Impersonation
    • Content Abuse Detection
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