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A Mecca of
Progress in the Metro

Located in a bustling industrial metropolis, our site is a haven for work and play, supporting TaskUs’ commitment to a sustainable work-life balance.

Our engaging and award-winning workspace is fully equipped with dynamic workspaces, recreational rooms, indoor and outdoor pantries, and gaming lounges for Teammates to enjoy making it an oasis of inspiration, relaxation, passion, and creativity.

Ready to be Amazed?

The Global Connectivity
and Language Capability Expert

Mexico’s strong cultural connection to the US and exceptional proficiency in both English and Spanish ensure clear communication and a deep understanding of your target market.

Our Ridiculously Unique facility, made from a mix of recycled and upcycled materials, reclaimed wood, and vibrant decor, along with our human-led approach supported by AI technology, will drive your business’s success.

Access to a
Bilingual Workforce (ages 18-39)

are the dominant languages

200,000+ Graduates Annually

People-First, Purposeful Work

TaskUs Site in Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico

“The Oasis”

650 SEATS| 33,550 SQ FOOTAGE

Where People Inspire People

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    “I just came from a rather toxic work environment. I applied to TaskUs because of the good things I heard about the BPO company, hoping I wouldn’t experience what happened in my former workplace. Thanks to my supervisor, I recovered my self-confidence and the desire to continue working. I made new and good working relationships and found a place where I feel comfortable and safe. Now I have the support of a dedicated team, and I am eager to spread the TaskUs culture.”

  • TaskUs

    “I felt scared when I heard that we will transition back to the office. But all the assistance TaskUs provided made me comfortable and more at peace. I felt I was not being treated as another number like in other workplaces. Taskus made me realize that companies don’t have to follow a mold, and neither do we. We can be ourselves, and our voices matter. That is a life-changing experience in my career.”

    World-Class Leadership Abounds

    • Jose Alfredo Guerrero de la Rosa
      Vice President of Operations, TaskUs

      Alfredo brings with him 19 years of BPO experience in customer support across diverse industries including telco, cable television, logistics, roadside assistance, eCommerce, travel. He handled customer support, back office, as well as trust and safety operations. He served leadership functions that drove team performance to higher levels and brought meaningful results to clients.

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