How Generative AI Enhances Efficiency to Generate True Business Value

Published on April 24, 2024
Last Updated on April 24, 2024

Personalized experiences are table stakes today, and Generative AI is helping businesses deliver to these high customer expectations. By automating tedious tasks, intelligent technology frees employees to focus on strategic thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

And, according to data from Salesforce, employees are on board:


believe GenAI will improve customer service delivery


expect it will enhance other technologies like machine learning

Benefits of Generative AI for business

It’s no wonder people are embracing GenAI to help them be more productive and do their jobs better. It acts as a tireless, data-crunching assistant, optimizing time-intensive processes, effortlessly completing complex tasks, and processing data in a fraction of the time it would take humans.

GenAI can also create novel content, designs, and data insights, streamlining processes and freeing capital for other crucial areas.

What’s more, by delving into and quickly analyzing user behavior patterns, GenAI is helping to deliver a truly individualized customer journey. This type of hyper-personalized customer experience fosters brand loyalty and boosts sales.

Generative AI’s impact extends far beyond individual tasks. It’s also revolutionizing workflows across functions.

For example, AI-powered bots learn and adapt to offer fundamental real-time support. Quick response times start to build brand trust. Meanwhile, GenAI content in moderation helps keep online platforms and communities safe.

Sales and marketing teams can use GenAI to enhance their assets based on real-time consumer data. Better advertising can boost sales performance.

Software and engineering teams can automate some areas of the development process, generate baseline code, help test software, and provide some insight into troubleshooting problems. This frees up time so teams can focus more on innovation.

Generative AI is also helping transform industries by unlocking new insights and supporting faster innovation. For example, in healthcare, it’s enabling providers to create more personalized treatment plans, improving diagnostic tools, and contributing to the development of new pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, GenAI can train driving algorithms using image data mimicking the real world, paving the way for safer and more reliable self-driving cars.

It’s also helping banking and financial services companies scale customer support more securely. GenAI-powered bots can respond to inquiries around the clock and support stronger fraud detection.

MoneyLion, a leading financial technology company, saw reduced average handling time and higher customer satisfaction scores thanks to AssistAI powered by TaskGPT. This GenAI-powered bot built by TaskUs, a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation CX, helps customer service teams generate contextually relevant responses drawn from the knowledge base and help center, improving efficiency and consistency in customer interactions.


MoneyLion Uses AssistAI, Boosts Customer Support KPIs

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Unlock the power of GenAI for your business

Just like MoneyLion, you can realize the benefits of GenAI by partnering with TaskUs.

Learn more about how to start your GenAI journey: 

1. Define your goals

What problem are you trying to solve, or what opportunity are you trying to seize?

2. Find the right partner

Research and assess service providers with a proven track record and the talent to meet your specific needs.

3. Secure the partnership

Clearly outline services, duration, payment, and other key terms in a contract.

4. Integrate GenAI

Collaborate with your partner on how to use Generative AI in your business and existing systems.

5. Monitor and review

Track performance, provide feedback, and adapt your partnership to evolve with your goals.

Ready to transform your CX and unlock the full potential of GenAI? 

TaskUs offers a comprehensive suite of Generative AI solutions designed to turbocharge your agents, streamline operations, and unlock innovation. With our team of experts and proven track record, we can help you chart a course for success in this GenAI-enabled economy.

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