MoneyLion Ramps Up Generative AI-powered Tool for Teammates to Improve CX


MoneyLion Ramps Up Generative AI-powered Tool for Teammates to Improve CX

Generative AI promises to enhance banking and financial services companies’ operations, drive growth, and deliver exceptional customer experience (CX). A McKinsey study1 estimates the potential impact on productivity in the industry to be $200-340 billion.

At the forefront of integrating AI into its digital banking services, MoneyLion, a leading financial technology company, began partnering with TaskUs in 2019 and became TaskUs’ first customer to implement AssistAI to its teammates.

AssistAI, formerly known as TaskGPT KnowledgeAssist, is a proprietary Generative AI bot that equips teammates with instant information to help them address complex customer inquiries, improve productivity, and boost customer satisfaction scores.

To help organizations like MoneyLion deliver superior CX, TaskUs creates AI-powered knowledge bases and tools to deliver a seamless and personalized experience. AssistAI acts as a virtual assistant that helps teammates get quick responses and information.

Instead of manually searching through a knowledge base or help center, AssistAI provides accurate answers based on MoneyLion’s documents and data. This capability increases efficiency and productivity, freeing teams to focus on attending to customers and other higher-value tasks.

Additionally, the tool is trained to follow an organization’s voice, ensuring that responses are consistent and on-brand. This tailored approach helps increase quality and customer satisfaction scores.

The Results

MoneyLion has improved its KPIs, including CSAT, with the AI-powered knowledge base through AssistAI.

  • 5% decrease in AHT during the initial 30 days, further increasing to 10% for chat and 20% for voice channels
  • Used by 300 teammates with over 100,000 queries processed since launch

By applying the power of Generative AI, TaskUs serves as an invaluable partner to innovative companies like MoneyLion, helping them navigate the digital age with efficiency and agility.

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    MoneyLion Ramps Up Generative AI-powered Tool for Teammates to Improve CX


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