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Accelerating Drone Data Labeling for Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Higher, further, and greater—we help you get where you want to be.

TaskUs has been working on drone development for years with some of the top robotics, UAV, micromobility, and autonomous vehicle companies worldwide, including in-production Level 3 and 4 AV providers.

Our Teammates not only collect and annotate the training data that powers these models, but also provide operational support services and drone and UAV simulation for in-production fleets.

We Support You Every Step of the Way


Data Collection

Collect millions of image and video data samples to train machine learning algorithms for drones & UAVs


Data Annotation

Train and power autonomous flight through our wide and effective range of sensor, image, and video annotation types


Data Evaluation

Perform incident triage and root cause estimation, as well as curate catalogs of 3D simulation and camera log-based scenarios



Perform real-time monitoring and decision making services for development and production drone fleets
Services for Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Data Collection
Data Collection
Capture and collect data to train drones according to technical, demographic, and timeline requirements
Image & Video Annotation
Image & Video Annotation
Annotate visual data with bounding boxes, polygons, cuboids, lines and splines, semantic segmentation, and more for image, video, and sensor data
Point Cloud Annotation
Point Cloud Annotation
Use high-precision labeling tools to meticulously annotate point cloud data from a variety of sources, including cameras, LiDAR, and sensors
Object Detection & Tracking
Object Detection & Tracking
Power drones with a solid ground truth, optimizing computer vision models for object recognition, tracking, movement prediction and more
Aerial Imagery Mapping
Aerial Imagery Mapping
Request quick and meticulous annotation services for aerial view imagery to produce high pixel mapping for enabling autonomous flying systems
Case Study
Image & Video Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles
Learn how TaskUs optimized computer vision data annotation for a Leading Autonomous Vehicle Company:
  • 1,800 full-time data annotators
  • 16 project workflows, including semantic mapping, feature extraction, multilayer object classification, and LiDAR sensor fusion
  • Custom-built quality framework, resulting in a 98% accuracy score

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    Data Tagging for an Autonomous Vehicle Company


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