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“Everything in Texas is best” – and at TaskUs, we provide nothing but the absolute best in terms of work and play. Our sites in Texas serve as a prime example of the quality standard that we have built throughout the years.

Our world-class, dynamic workspaces feature a wide range of facilities and areas for both production and employee wellbeing, growth, and development.
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Industry-leading CX Delivery. Cutting-edge Solutions. Global Reach. Our expertise is just within arm’s reach. Strategically located near major cities, our sites easily attract competitive and skilled talent specializing in Digital CX, Risk + Response, and other core business services.

Our teammates are trained to be innovative, agile, and flexible to the ever-changing needs of our clients while still priotizing their well-being, passions, and work-life balance.


Fastest Growing State in the US (Texas)


New Braunfels, Texas

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as of December 2021

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  • John Godinez
    “Our leaders are quick to accommodate and move our rest days or approve our time off when we needed them for emergencies. But it has not been limited to just schedules. Their understanding and kind words have kept us to push forward.”
  • Jackie Zinck
    “I love TaskUs because of the engagement, the environment, and the connection that everyone has. I have worked in big and small companies, but no one has the mix of what I feel TaskUs provides. I feel like everything here is a team effort. I like how I can ask just about anyone in my department a question and not just one will help you, but everyone will. My overall experience has been a very positive one. I want to definitely grow here.”

World-Class Leadership

  • Hemi Sehgal
    Senior Vice President of Operations
    Hemi is a true business and industry specialist with more than 17 years of results-oriented knowledge and experience in Ops, Channel and Change Management, Business Process, Project Management, and Marketing, among many others.

    A true champion and pillar of TaskUs, he has consistently led large teams to achieve and surpass desired results, holding key leadership positions in BPO and Tech companies across different industries on a global scale.
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