Meet AssistAI — the tool our teammates use to deliver superior service

We apply the power of GenAI to your knowledge base to create seamless, personalized customer service.

Generative AI for CX

Next-level efficiency, next-level CX

AssistAI acts as your team’s work partner. It’s trained on your data to answer any question regarding their workflows.

Automate tasks

Provide teammates with precise answers and contextual information that standardizes interactions and draws on your company’s knowledge base.

Improve accuracy and quality

Get relevant information and suggested responses. Create consistent customer interactions.

Free up time

Help teams focus on higher-value activities that drive ROI.

Boost efficiency and productivity

Speed up response times and get more done.
Supports multiple environments (web, Chrome extension) | Seamless CRM integration | 100% secure

Case study

MoneyLion Boosts KPIs with AssistAI

TaskUs partnered with MoneyLion to realize the benefits of AI-powered CX. Our AssistAI solution helped generate significant improvements in Average Handling Time (AHT), quality baseline, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.


Decrease in chat AHT


Decrease in voice AHT

See it in action


takes a minute


your organization’s knowledge base
or help center


15-day free trial
Trial gives a glimpse of what AssistAI can do for you. Talk to us to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

What is TaskUs?
TaskUs is a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies. We give our clients tools like AssistAI to empower their teams.
What is AssistAI?
AssistAI, formerly called “KnowledgeAssist,” is a TaskGPT solution. It’s a teammate-facing GenAI-powered tool built from your knowledge base and data. It uses the information to provide accurate and personalized responses to teammate queries, saving them time to focus on more complex tasks and improving overall efficiency.
What is TaskGPT?
TaskGPT is a platform that powers a suite of products developed by TaskUs and fueled by GenAI and different large language models (LLMs).
How does AssistAI generate the correct response and information?

AssistAI is trained on your knowledge base/documents or help center so the bot understands your company’s workflows, language, and expertise.

When a teammate sends a query, AssistAI analyzes it through Natural Language Processing, allowing the tool to understand its semantic meaning. It then dives into your knowledge library, scans for relevant answers, and generates a clear and concise response. This response could be a direct answer, a step-by-step guide, or personalized recommendations.

What’s a knowledge base/help center?
These are documents in the form of FAQs, product manuals, policies, and any other information a teammate might need to answer customer queries or complete tasks.
Is AssistAI secure?
Yes. We prioritize data privacy and comply with industry standards and regulations to protect your data.

AssistAI uses strong encryption techniques to secure your data from the moment it is uploaded to the platform, during interaction, and while stored. You have full control over the information that AssistAI accesses and retains, which stays within TaskUs’ secure environment. AssistAI uses GenAI technology, which helps it generate responses using specific “snippets” from your knowledge base.
How many documents can I upload during the free trial?
You can upload one (1) document (TXT, DOC, or PDF format only) with a file size not exceeding 10 MB. We will curate only the first 20 pages of the document and make it suitable for AssistAI to use. You can also submit your public Help Center’s URL as another option.
What happens after the 15-day trial?
You will not be able to access AssistAI once your trial expires. Talk to us for the full version.
Are there other AI solutions available?
Absolutely! We can customize a solution to suit your business needs. Contact us and our GenAI experts will be in touch.

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