• The Gallery — Medellín, Colombia

    Where Culture
    Fuels Success

TaskUs’ Medellín site, called “The Gallery,” is a vibrant workplace that blends career growth, creativity, and camaraderie, and perfectly mirrors the dynamic culture of Colombia. Inspired by Medellín‘s iconic art and music scene, it is filled with colorful illustrations and open areas that stimulate inspiration, productivity, and collaboration. 

Our workspace is not just a place to work; it’s an immersive experience that embraces diversity, encourages individuality, and fosters a sense of belonging. At TaskUs, we offer more than just jobs; we provide an enriching career journey in the vibrant world of BPO in Medellín.

Medellín is often called the “land of eternal spring” because of its warm weather throughout the year. It has a well-established technology infrastructure, a talented bilingual workforce, and a culture of excellent customer service. 

The Gallery, strategically located in the heart of the city, offers easy access to teammates via bus and metro. The workspace has taken inspiration from the area’s vibrant hip-hop culture, urban rhythm, and freestyle expression, redefining traditional workspaces in Medellín’s call center industry by incorporating street art elements and bringing the city’s artistic spirit to life.


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Reimagining, Redefining, and
Reinvigorating the Workplace

You Take Center Stage

At TaskUs Medellín, we are committed to listening to your feedback and ideas, and we proactively engage with our team to make positive changes that enhance your experience with Us. 

We want to help you achieve the perfect balance between work and life. This is why our office is conveniently located near transportation hubs, ensuring an easy and seamless commute. Our work schedule recognizes the importance of taking time off, especially on your birthday, so you can recharge and come back to work refreshed. All of our employees, regardless of position, have access to prepaid medicine, dental plans, and life insurance—all with 100% coverage. Each employee can also enlist two beneficiaries who are eligible for up to 50% coverage of the same benefits.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Embedded in the cultural vibrancy and dynamic spirit of the city, our Medellín call center offers a compelling blend of high employee and client satisfaction and a people-first culture that sets Us apart. Our focus on employee engagement results in a motivated, dedicated team ready to deliver exceptional results. 

We believe in putting our people first, creating an environment at TaskUs Medellín where they can flourish professionally and personally. This philosophy directly translates to high customer and client satisfaction as our employees are committed to providing the best service. Adding to our strengths, we thrive on the cultural richness of Medellín The city’s dynamic spirit inspires Us to continually innovate and deliver top-notch performance.

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