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Intern with Us is our Ridiculously Good internship program where you get world-class hands-on experience, opportunities for professional growth, and potential employment with an award-winning company right after graduation!

Why Intern with Us?

Experience a globally recognized #PeopleFirst culture

Work with an award-winning, Ridiculously Talented team

Receive expert, hands-on mentorship

Build your professional and personal network

Develop your skills, passions, and knowledge


Explore amazing internship opportunities from these departments!

Business Insights
and Data Science (BIDS)
Sourcing and
People or
Human Resources
Wellness and Resiliency
Finance and Accounting
Community, Travel, Transport, and Logistics

What’s it like to Intern With Us?

Hear it from our Ridiculously Awesome interns
  • People Care Desk Advocate Intern, People (HRIS) team
    “Being an intern at TaskUs was such a Ridiculously Great experience! I learned so much from answering tickets or employee questions and from the guidance given by my supervisors. It also helped me develop hard and soft skills that I can use to shape my future. This experience was a great opportunity for me, and I would want the other students also to experience the same.”
  • People Care Desk Advocate Intern, People (HRIS) team
    “I rarely had a dead minute at TaskUs. Every day, we read and worked on different employee queries, which improved my critical thinking skills. I felt firsthand that it can be challenging to be an HR staff because you always need to put the employees first, but you also need to be reasonable with their requests. As interns, TaskUs contributed to our growth. But, I also saw how the company makes an effort to serve and take care of its employees, and I’m delighted that we got to be a part of it.”
  • People Care Desk Advocate Intern, People (HRIS) team
    “The team was accommodating and patient in teaching me and answering my questions. They made sure that all my efforts, big or small, are appreciated.”
  • Data Visualization Analyst Intern, BIDS team
    “My overall internship experience at TaskUs was Ridiculously Amazing! I was able to work on an amazing dashboard project where I applied my skills in visualizing, queries, and statistics, and I got to explore and learn more about the tools I was using. With that project, I can say that I have reached my goal to help while having a great time with my friendly teammates!”

    Ready to Intern With Us?

    Prepare the following requirements:

    • Updated CV/resumé
    • Scanned copy of endorsement letter from school with official’s signature
    • Scanned copy of your school ID
    • Scanned copy of a valid government-issued ID
    • Scanned copy of original birth certificate

    Send these requirements to together with your email of intent stating the details of your internship.

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