Highest quality data,
transformative AI

RLHF and LLM training for Generative AI

Data Labeling for AI

The secret behind
AI is human.

TaskUs has been working with top AI developers, research companies, and social media platforms to create intelligent, accurate machine learning systems for more than a decade.

Our Teammates don’t just collect and label diverse training data. They enhance datasets, refine algorithms, and provide all-around support for large language models (LLMs)—from initial model training to continuous maintenance and optimization.

Delivering quality, security,
and domain expertise


average QA score
in all data-related operations


years of data
annotation experience


domain experts
through TaskVerse

People supporting AI
development at every stage

Annotate. Moderate. Evaluate. Accelerate.


Precision: Train the system to respond accurately

Safety: Teach the system to answer safely to inappropriate prompts

Reinforcement Learning
from Human Feedback (RLHF)

Response Scoring: Evaluate and classify text, images, audio, and video content

Response Ranking: Evaluate and rank multiple prompt-generated responses

Performance Testing
and Evaluation

Content Moderation: Flagging and removal of harmful text and visual content generated by a model

Adversarial Testing: Red teaming to identify undesired behavior, biases, and jailbreaks

Production Support

Classifier Training: Annotate data for human input and model output

Human Review: Perform verification and confirmation to support model classifiers

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