TaskUs + Labelbox White Paper: The Guide to Efficient Data Labeling

Published on June 7, 2023
Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become deeply ingrained into our daily lives, with different applications ranging from social media, digital assistants, self-driving vehicles, and retail services. Even the most complex of problems has been made simple by AI processes, thanks largely to the data behind the machine learning models carrying out these solutions. This makes high-quality data labeling and annotation crucial in today’s markets.

As the global data collection and labeling market continue to grow and demand for data labeling services increases, businesses must have a thorough understanding of the data labeling process  to make informed choices in their outsourcing strategies. 

TaskUs has teamed up with the leading AI platform Labelbox to create a data labeling guide that tackles all the information on processes, people, tools, and workflows necessary for success, covering all the factors to consider when choosing the right partner for your data labeling operations.

  • Data Labeling: Why It Matters - The quality of machine learning algorithms relies heavily on two things: Data Quality & Data Quantity.
  • Addressing Bias in AI - Taking proactive steps into building accurate and effective machine learning models requires identifying the common biases that could arise in your AI.
  • The Outsourcing Approach - Data labeling outsourcing to qualified data labeling companies gives your business access to better technology, expertise, and manpower resources.
  • Choosing the Right Data Labeling Partner - Many factors are involved in selecting the right vendor to deliver your data labeling needs: level of expertise, recruiting and onboarding process, ability to scale, program management practices, data security capabilities, and their impact business model.
  • Finding an Annotation Platform - It’s crucial to understand the key features to consider when choosing your training data tool: quality assurance, flexibility, transparency, and advanced workflows.

The Labelbox + TaskUs Advantage gives your business access to our industry-leading platform and data labeling services, allowing you to address the many challenges that come with AI and ML.
Get the best possible AI training data and power your machine learning models with a highly scalable team of experts. Find out more by downloading TaskUs + Labelbox White Paper: The Guide to Efficient Data Labeling.

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    The Guide to Efficient Data Labeling


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