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    Trust + Safety

    Securing Your Content
    Protecting the well-being of our frontline moderators, as they protect our online spaces with rigor and empathy.

Trust + Safety

All Online Users are Vulnerable to Bad Actors and Egregious Content

Platforms and businesses are increasingly exposed to a number of serious trust and safety risks. A robust moderation system powered by a vigilant workforce is the only solution to protecting users everywhere.

At TaskUs, we understand the growing need for Trust + Safety services–which is why we are committed to creating the most secure online environment possible, while still allowing users to express themselves safely and with digital civility.

TaskUs: A Leader and Star Performer

We are a “Leader” and “Star Performer” on Everest Group’s Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

The recognition reflects the biggest year on year gains in Market Impact, Vision, Capability, Positive Client Referenceability and Investments in our Hybrid solution of “Humans + AI” to detect and remove harmful content
Bryce Maddock
Co-Founder & CEO
I am thrilled to see our ascent to Leader and Star Performer. We started this business less than 15 years ago and our inclusion as Leader among a small handful of impressive names is humbling. To be further awarded the Star Performer demonstrates the trust and growth we’ve earned from clients as we invest in the best technology and people to protect their platforms.
Phil Tomlinson
Global Lead of
Trust & Safety
We are grateful to Everest Group for their acknowledgment of our leadership in the Trust and Safety space. We will continue to pioneer programs and services that deliver real value to our clients, and we will double down on our commitment to protect our teammates as we advance our mission to ensure a safer online world.

Trust + Safety Services

Different. Diverse. That’s Us.

TaskUs truly understands multicultural, multi-geographic platforms.

We do it ALL.

Today, we partner with large social networks, dating apps, gaming and community platforms, live video and audio streaming services, and AI annotation platforms – helping to keep their platforms safe and secure.

We keep you safe.

Through our global Trust & Safety centers, we work across a wide range of policy areas and content types.

Content Workspace
A fully customizable moderation tool suite along with proprietary wellness featured tools to aid safety and improve output.

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Community Safety
Human expert moderation of graphic and egregious content across social, gaming, dating, live-streaming & marketplaces
  • User Generated Content Moderation
  • Live Audio & Video
  • Broadcast Moderation
  • Chat Moderation
Content Detection
Toxic content detection and risk scoring using machine learning across images, video and text.
  • AI Moderation
  • Toxicity Scoring
  • Add New Classifiers
  • Continuous Improvement
Platform Integrity
Evaluation of brand & advertising components to ensure compliance, safe placement & relevance.
  • Marketplace Listings
  • Ad Moderation
  • Health & Safety
  • Intellectual Property
Content Curation
Review, research & annotate large sets of data for accuracy, ground truth validation & product quality.

“Leader” in Everest Group’s Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

“Star Performer” – The Only Leader to Achieve Designation

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Global TMs dedicated to T+S

A robust trust and safety policy, regularly fine-tuned to reflect global trends and events, remains instrumental in keeping online platforms free from malicious content.

Abhijnan Dasgupta, Practice Director, Everest Group


Trust+Safety LOB’s supported

19 global sites

24x7x365 T+S coverage, a global freelancing platform


languages supported


Reduction in attrition for Content Moderations Programs
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What Sets Us Apart

  • Frontline- and People-First

    We prioritize our own moderators’ well-being. Our clinician-led, evidence-based wellness program, and world-class benefits build resiliency and overall happiness, leading to an industry-high eNPS score of 65.

  • Data-Centric Approach + Human Judgment

    TaskUs is distinguished by our dedicated in-house content moderation behavioral research team, bolstering our deep expertise and allowing us to moderate up to 1.2 billion pieces of content a year.

  • Dedicated Practice and Investments

    6000+ dedicated moderation Teammates are supported by a team of T&S industry experts, allowing us to take operational learnings and turn them in to real-time insights for our clients across social, streaming, dating, gaming and marketplace platforms

Prioritizing People-First

At TaskUs, we prioritize workplace wellness and employee mental health like no other company does. We created the Resiliency Studio, a comprehensive, global psychological health and safety program for our Teammates – guided by evidence-based psychology practices and grounded in neuroscience.

Phil Tomlinson

VP of Trust + Safety

To successfully operate a scaled content moderation business you need specialized infrastructure, deep domain expertise, and a relentless focus on wellbeing. By adopting a “Centre of Excellence” approach, TaskUs has assembled a team of policy, technology, and mental health specialists to address our clients’ complex Trust & Safety needs.

Proof of Excellence
Best Practices for Content Moderation, Employee Psychological Health and the Critical Role of Evidence-Based Resiliency Programming

Content moderators do the difficult work necessary to keep the world safe as online activity grows exponentially.

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Refining Community Policy to Ensure Excellent Content Moderation on Social Media Platforms

Since the pandemic began, more and more people have turned to social media to seek interactions with one another.

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safe dating app experience
Advancing Security Policy for Safer Dating App Experiences

Online dating platforms have surged in activity since the pandemic began. In fact, one of the leading dating apps, Tinder, reached a record of 3 billion swipes in a single day last March 2020.

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We are setting standards for Trust + Safety.
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