An Elevated Approach to Ensure Workplace Wellness

Published on November 14, 2022
Last Updated on November 14, 2022

To protect and maximize our content moderators’ mental health and well-being, our Wellness + Resiliency department developed the TaskUs Approach: a successful, holistic, and preventative wellness program that optimizes brain function while lessening the stress response, improving wellness and resiliency, and strengthening and mobilizing protective neural pathways.

At TaskUs, we are committed to providing employees with a safe, diverse, and inclusive space. We pride ourselves in fostering a workplace that promotes mental health wellness—using innovative, evidence-based intervention while nurturing innovation, creativity, and effectiveness.

Discover an elevated approach to ensure workplace wellness.


Jean Claffey
Sr Manager, Wellness + Resiliency
A licensed professional counselor, Jean has 25+ years of experience specializing in treating and preventing Post Traumatic Stress for military and civilian clientele. She manages the W+R program for North America, Latin America, and Europe delivering innovative brain-based programming to mitigate the potential adverse effects of content moderation.