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Success 101
Building On A
Solid Foundation
Learning Experience (LX) is the engine driving strategic business impact for innovative brands around the globe.

We at TaskUs provide the LX cirricula, training processes, e-Learning systems, and development programs that help the most disruptive global brands scale operations, make more impactful decisions, build smarter process flows, and create high-performing teams – all while increasing revenue.
Strategic Assessment and Planning
We review the current LX environment and capabilities to benchmark against cross-industry best practices. We then create a strategic plan and roadmap with specific initiatives to build leading LX capabilities. This roadmap helps organizations prioritize areas of development to deliver greater value through their people.
Talent Mobility
We work with you to identify how cross-skilling and upskilling your workforce can improve business performance. We build competency models and professional development pathways with the associated content that supports your team, enabling them to own their individual development as part of a culture of learning.
Hybrid Work
We design hybrid work models that support business goals and talent strategy specific to your organization, focusing on achieving the right outcomes for your business and people while emphasizing the overall employee experience. This leads Us to achieve what is needed for a cross-functional organization to succeed with a hybrid workforce.
Learning Analytics
With a focus on design and implementing measurements of learning program efficacy, along with impacts on business and operational performance of employees, we develop analytic solutions and reporting practices that support the understanding of ROI across your entire LX organization.
We create engaging, immersive onboarding experiences that reduce time to productivity and regrettable attrition by focusing on employee engagement and experience–from offer acceptance through the entire first year of employment and beyond.
Curriculum Design
We utilize a learner-centered approach to design training content, supplemented with skills-focused and scenario-based activities to effectively blend instructor-led training (ILT) and self-paced delivery methods. We optimize the existing materials or develop new curriculum based on a detailed skills assessment and job requirements to reduce time to competency.
Knowledge Base Content
Trust Us to design effective information architecture and knowledge base structures as we standardize templates for content consistency and navigability. A key element in knowledge base content is leveraging brand and tone guidelines for consistency, resulting in curated content based on the core principles of searchability, usability, readability, applicability, and understandability.
Training Facilitation
The TaskUs Learning Experience Leader Academy is our training facilitator certification course that prepares individuals to effectively engage audiences across ILT and virtual environments augmented by e-Learning courses. We deliver training at scale through a show, guide, practice, and assessment model that promotes increased knowledge sharing and retention.
Learning Management Systems
TaskUs specializes in the selection, implementation, and administration of learning management systems to enable personalized learning plans, learning content delivery at scale, compliance tracking/enforcement, and real-time reporting.
Why TaskUs?
Continuous growth and development is the #1 driver for employee happiness and satisfaction—the core of the TaskUs culture. It is then no surprise that we have achieved the highest employee retention and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) than any other BPO/Outsourcer in history.

We train, develop, and scale teams of 40,000+ Teammates across the globe to serve and support the fastest growing and most innovative companies. Coupled with our industry-leading portfolio of service offerings, TaskUs enables its partners to reach their growth goals at their desired pace.

Our Success Stories


Enhancing Knowledge Base Management | An Autonomous Vehicle Company

A leading autonomous vehicle company was rapidly entering new geographies with its proprietary hardware and technology, with no existing learning content.

TaskUs created and managed five knowledge bases, and our attention to detail and consistent updates improved accuracy, quality, and content integrity.


Redesigning the Onboarding Program | An Online Food Delivery

To support an online food delivery company’s onboarding redesign, TaskUs created an immersive eLearning experience targeting to deliver an excellent customer experience.

TaskUs focused on creating eLearning design templates, interactive tools, workflow simulations, and assessments aimed at utilizing data to focus on continuous improvement initiatives.


Evolving the Agent Learning Experience | An Online Car Retailer

An online car retailer needed help identifying skills, learning objectives, and creating the necessary curriculum to support the full journey of their customers.

TaskUs completely overhauled the onboarding journey and curriculum, and managed the in-house development of updating and adding modules to align to the improved learner experience.

Layering On
The Expertise
We rapidly and effectively deliver core training programs to help organizations realize value from new employees and Teammates.

Building on the core layer, we then develop modularized training to increase their capabilities and value to the business while creating meaningful career paths and development opportunities.
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Proof of Excellence

Maximizing Handle Time and Accuracy
How we fully revamped a client’s existing Knowledge Base (KB), focusing on efficiency, usability, and applicability to maximize results.
Successful, Rapid Scaling Through LX
How we supported a client’s rapid expansion through establishing an elite LX team to improve operational efficiency and metrics.
A Full, 360-Degree Learning Overhaul
How we utilized our LX team to dramatically improve all aspects of a client’s operations, leading to increased growth and performance.
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