Employee mental health impacts business – TaskUs VP shares wellness solutions for remote workers in HR Leadership Forum

The current state of the labor market where employees are quitting their jobs en masse is crippling organizations globally. The lack of flexibility and unfavorable working conditions are some of the main reasons that drive this phenomenon we call the Great Resignation. But beyond these discrepancies lies a bigger issue: mental health.

Rachel Lutz-Guevara, TaskUs VP of Global Wellness & Resiliency, delivered a keynote at the Argyle Digital HR Leadership Forum where she discussed the importance of mental health and its underlying impact on employees and organizations. Citing data that showed the rising cases of depression and anxiety within the workforce, Lutz-Guevara noted that mental illness is the “single greatest cause of workplace disability.”

“A recent study by Kaiser Permanente suggested that eight out of ten workers with a mental health condition say that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking mental health care,” said Lutz-Guevara. “That’s a problem for the individual that’s suffering, but it’s also a problem for the employers because we know that untreated mental health conditions more broadly have an impact on costs for businesses.”

The wide gap in investment between mental and physical health puts into perspective how organizations need to rethink their priorities in providing the overall well-being of their workers. Lutz-Guevara said that neglecting an employee’s psychological wellness can result in absenteeism and lower productivity rates, among others. 

“It’s clearly a bad business investment to not consider mental health prevention as a top priority. We need to think mental health care is on par with the care given to chronic condition management programs for diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, because employee wellbeing impacts your organization’s reputation and brand, as well as company metrics.”

Watch it here: Through the Storm – Creating a Culture of Wellness for Remote Workers