Leadership Wellness: Valuing Well-Being to Improve Business Outcomes

Published on August 10, 2022
Last Updated on March 10, 2023

More than a global provider of next-generation Customer Experience (CX) and digital services, what makes TaskUs ridiculously good is our unwavering focus on people – from our own teammates, our partner clients, and their customers. With this commitment of placing people at our core, we prioritize workplace wellness and employee mental health like no other company does, both within and beyond the outsourcing space. With a dedicated team expanding from licensed mental health professionals to behavioral health researchers, our Wellness + Resiliency team produce and facilitate programs that are employee-centered, inclusive, collaborative, and transformative.

Wellness for Leaders

One of our company’s key programs is our Wellness Leadership Project, which includes six monthly sessions on self-care, mindful leadership, and team relationship development. 88 leaders were enrolled last year, and both pre- and post-tests were administered with survey items that examined their ability to practice self-care, manage relationships, lead mindfully, and improve overall well-being. The results were clear, undeniable, and extremely positive:

A Leader’s Personal Experience

Of course, numbers alone don’t tell the full story. Take Mhariel Marquez—an Operations Manager based in the Philippines. A self-confessed plant lover and fur mom to four dogs, Mhariel shared how the TaskUs Leadership Wellness sessions have helped her care for herself and for her team. 

Mhariel’s journey with Us started six years ago as a Teammate, constantly driven with the goal of providing for her family. Her unwavering passion for leadership development, pursuit of workplace excellent, and team-focused spirit resulted in Mhariel being promoted twice in the last four years as a Team Lead in 2018, and then as an Operations Manager in 2021. She primarily attributed her success to the mentorship she received from her leaders in TaskUs, as well as the personal resilience she developed with her consistent participation in the company’s wellness programs.

“I have seen how serious TaskUs is about taking care of and prioritizing the well-being of employees. Aside from the access to 1x1 sessions with the wellness professionals, we also have full access to group wellness sessions and well-being-related courses.” 

Mhariel expressed specifically that these leadership wellness sessions have helped her become a more compassionate and empathetic leader. Aside from productivity, Mhariel is keen on establishing real connections to guide and lead her team truly. At TaskUs, we believe it is important to coach behaviors versus metrics.

A good leader is not just about meeting a specific KPI or working on client relationships. It is also about being cognizant and empathetic of what your team is experiencing in their daily lives, both within and beyond the workplace. For example, mental health may be difficult to talk about, but we’re both fortunate and thankful here in TaskUs that our Wellness & Resiliency team teaches leaders how to recognize those struggling offer them the necessary support.

She also observed how establishing a safe work environment for her teammates also led to their better performance at work. “I start with empathy. I put myself in their shoes. In turn, my direct reports tell me they know they have leaders who value them in the organization.”

Her leadership secret? Self-care and leading by example with her accumulated wealth of wellness practices. Mhariel shared, “I make it a habit to spend time with my family and friends and regularly participate in wellness activities; creating health habits helps me ensure good self-care."

For Mhariel, these simple yet important actions have helped her enjoy and be more present in her personal life and create better relationships with her team at work. More so, her self-care has enabled her to care for others. 

“It takes courage to understand others and ourselves.” 

Targeted Leadership training in wellness and resiliency-related topics should be considered to improve wellness and business outcomes. Studies indicate that improved well-being is correlated to improved performance, a reduction in attrition, and higher employee satisfaction. TaskUs’ Wellness + Resiliency programming shows to improve KPIs and reduce attrition.

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Maria Mikaela Pozon