The CX Summit Fall 2021 Roundup: Voyaging to the Human Side of Customer Experience

Published on December 15, 2021
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Coming off the successful spring initiative, the CX Summit Fall brought together some of the brightest minds—leaders, innovators, and experts—once again to discuss the essence of customer experience. Fully virtual, the fall run of the bi-annual event commenced on November 18, 2021. Hundreds of decision-makers across various industries gathered to connect, collaborate, and explore the Humanity at the Heart of CX.

Rooted in people’s everyday experiences, CX is clearly human at its core. It is fueled by our innate desire to improve life and drive change. As CX continues to evolve and become more hyper-personalized, it is now a must to foster groundbreaking discussions about CX’s human-centric future.

In this next normal, creativity is crucial to staying relevant. Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, guided participants in unleashing their imagination and ideation—both innately human superpowers—in a live and interactive session. His unique style of teaching and activities helped build a culture of inventive thinking for their organizations; He challenged the workplace mindset, asking questions like, “What is the biggest barrier to being innovative at work?”, while identifying out-of-the-box solutions. Wardle defined creativity as “the habit of continually doing things in new ways to make a positive difference.”

Watch Duncan Wardle’s session here: 

Deborah Liu, CEO of Ancestry, leads a company truly rooted in humanity and connections. In her insight-filled segment, she discussed important points on how she deals with both customers and employees. “Employee engagement is being able to meet our employees where they are, like our customers.” She also talks about being customer-obsessed, which could be the key to meaningful CX.

On the general side of things, Liu touched on being focused on achieving company goals. “You need persistence. A lot of people who work at small companies and startups know that feeling that what you're doing is right—even if other people don't see it—and really fighting for what you believe and seeing it come to fruition,” she shared.

Watch Deborah Liu’s session here: 

In addition to Wardle and Liu were five exciting breakout sessions that covered multiple aspects of CX, led by experts from innovative companies and organizations such as SuperAnnotate, Linktree, Automation Anywhere, and many more. Each had their own take on the human aspect of CX, connecting the themes of AI Operations; Content Security, Trust, & Safety; Digital Customer Experience; Digital Innovation & Automation; and Diversity & Inclusion.

Watch the AI Operations session here:

Watch the Content Security, Trust, & Safety session here:

Watch the Digital Customer Experience session here:

Watch the Digital Innovation & Automation session here:

Watch the Diversity & Inclusion session here:

Following the CX Summit’s tradition of partnering with beneficiaries that make a positive impact, TaskUs teamed up with two non-profits: Code.org1, an organization committed to expanding access to computer science in schools, and Smart Works Greater Manchester2, a charity that has helped over 3,000 unemployed, disadvantaged, and often vulnerable women to get back into employment. For every attendee, a donation was gifted to both groups.

The next CX Summit run is set to be in-person, allowing for a more personal and engaging experience. It was announced that the event will take place in New York City in the Spring of 2022.