Wellness + Resiliency

We prioritize workplace wellness and employee mental health like no other company does

The goal of the Wellness & Resiliency Department is to become the global leader in employee success and wellness, leveraging on clinician-led and research-based health and safety programs, providing true end-to-end support and superior employee benefits.

It is our utmost priority to reduce employee risks related to mental health, promote productivity and engagement, and continuously improve the TaskUs workspace by addressing the eight dimensions of wellness.
Our Commitment

We prioritize workplace wellness.

Psychological health and safety programing that is evidence based. Employees have access to licensed mental health professionals, clinical skills training groups, transformational coaching, and psycho-education awareness programs to promote a safe working environment where employees succeed and thrive.


Monthly direct touch points with employees


Employees engaged in digital wellness content


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Conducted group
sessions in 2022


Internal research studies


Peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations


Improvement of KPIs


Reduction in attrition for Content Moderation Programs

Our Principles

The well-being of our people serve as our guide in everything that we do.

  • Helping our employees and clients identify and advance their wellness goals
  • Being mindful of all perspectives
  • Fully exploring unique and innovative delivery methods guided by research and data
  • Accepting alternative learning styles and participation styles
  • Embracing unique identities
  • Reaching out to community partners
  • Encouraging a global sense of community
  • Promoting inclusive processes across our business and industry
  • Fostering an engaging spirit
  • Expanding employee and industry knowledge of the importance of holistic well-being
  • Welcoming every interaction as an opportunity
  • Expanding the depth of knowledge and personal capabilities through fostering wellness experiences

Our Differentiators and Key Pillars

Global Life
Coaching Program
We partner with employees in their pursuit of personal well-being through transformative coaching conversations.
The Resiliency Studio
A psychological health and safety program providing innovative interventions to bolster brain health and protect employees from the potential effects of content moderation.
Division of Wellness + Resiliency Research
We have a dedicated behavioral health research team committed to enhancing employees’ mental health through innovative research and enhanced data collection.
Advanced Services, Consulting, and Technology
We leverage our expertise to help companies assess, create, and deploy culturally competent and comprehensive programming and tools.
Advanced Services, Consulting, and Technology

Wellness is part of our core business. Our expertise, wellness investments, and global reach make us the ideal partner for companies to launch, enhance, or reinforce their wellness programs while improving loyalty and decreasing burn out.


We leverage a four-phase approach to client consulting engagements. Our program assessment and consultation services identify gaps and opportunities with prioritization, assist in risk mitigation, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of wellness investments, and make recommendations to increase the employee value proposition for our customers. Clients will have access to our clinical experts and research team to advance their goals and needs in the wellness space.


We have developed innovative wellness technologies to help reduce the impact of sensitive content to our moderators.

Wellness Packages

We have a variety of wellness solutions to fit your specific needs. Our options range from self-service digital content and access to company-wide programming initiatives in our Essentials Package to 24/7 access to licensed clinical staff, preventative evidence-based weekly programming, and embedded wellness tools in our Premium Package.

  • The Essentials Package
    Recommended for low stress, back office work.
  • The Transformation Package
    Recommended for limited stressful content such as some customer service & gaming.
  • The Resiliency Package
    Required for standard content moderation work and recommended for high-stress & risk related work.
  • The Premium Package
    Highest level of care for the most egregious content moderation & customer safety work.
Proof of Excellence
The Psychological Well-Being of Content Moderators

The Emotional Labor of Commercial Moderation and Avenues for Improving Support

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Content Moderator Startle Response

What is it? How does it impact Content Moderators? What can we share about industry best practices?

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Effects of a Novel Resiliency Training Program for Social Media Content Moderators

Our first academic journal publication, research supports that the TaskUs Method is an evidence-based approach

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The Wellness + Resiliency Department’s goal is simple: to ensure the overall well-being of our employees. We are the ridiculously compassionate, boldly inclusive, and people-first partners continuously striving to provide and develop exceptional wellness programs by teaching resilience one skill at a time.
Rachel Lutz-Guevara
VP of Wellness + Resiliency | TaskUs
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