Wellness + Resiliency

A Safeguarding Solution for Those Securing the Web

Shield is our innovative and effective solution to user safety, content moderator safety, and platform safety – all in one. It is a wellness tool designed to reduce the emotional impact of reviewing graphic and disturbing content. This platform includes a variety of wellness interventions with flexible deployment options during productive hours or on breaks.

The integration of wellness technologies can improve content moderator mental health, increase moderation accuracy and speed, improve user safety, and enhance business outcomes. By fostering resiliency with Shield, together, we are creating a safer world.

Shield Capabilities

Employees have access to these academically-derived features to manage the exposure
to graphic materials whilst still allowing for improved accuracy and handle time.

Individual Image and Video Display Control

Sound Studio

Auditory feature that improves mood and motivation

Wellness Activity Reminders

Spatial Games

Sensation Cleanse

Eye movement feature to relax the body

A Psychological Distancing Tool

Synchronized for Seamless Use
  • Chrome Extension works with all Content Management Systems
  • Customizable settings per campaign or individual
  • No system integration required
  • All events and activities performed in the tool will be captured and securely stored in the central database:
      • Login and logout activity
      • Wellness reminders acknowledgments
      • Clear and restore activities
  • User authentication validation check
  • Performance enhancing data report and insights coming soon

Increased Trust & User Safety in Platforms




Proof Points

Clear & Restore

The underlying therapeutic mechanism of Clear & Restore decreases negative emotions associated with negative images and memories by 38%

Sensation Cleanse

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, the underlying therapeutic mechanism of Sensation Cleanse, decreases work-related trauma by 50% by impacting memory networks and the limbic system

Sound Studio

Listening to concentration and relaxation music for only 10 minutes a day in the workplace can lead to a 38% decrease of perceived stress and a 15% increase in sustained attention

Spatial Games

Digital games at work improve work-life balance by 15% and increase the ability to recover from work-related stress by 9%
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