TaskUs President and Co-founder Jaspar Weir talks about people-first culture in Forbes feature

Published on August 24, 2022

In a recent Forbes feature, TaskUs' Co-Founder and President Jaspar Weir talked about how job security and career growth mean more to people now than ever before given the current economic climate. And it falls on company leadership to provide a safe space for employees to grow even as management tightens its belt.

Weir shared the three Rs that TaskUs follows when it comes to supporting its teammates: Retain, which is about proactively prioritizing employee loyalty and retention; Relate, or having open communication between leaders and members; and Reinforce, or the importance of upskilling and cross-skilling in an organization.

Ultimately, putting people at the very core of the brand is important, said Weir; when you have a strong foundation, you can withstand any crisis.

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