TaskUs Elevates the Customer Experience With the Launch of AssistAI, Powered by TaskGPT

Published on March 1, 2024

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 27, 2024-- TaskUs, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASK), a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies, announced today AssistAI, a new knowledge-based assistant built on the TaskGPT platform. Custom-trained on client knowledge bases, training materials, and historical customer interactions, AssistAI uses the information to provide accurate and personalized responses to teammate queries, saving them time to focus on more complex tasks and improving overall efficiency.

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TaskUs introduces AssistAI, a new knowledge-based assistant built on the TaskGPT platform. (Photo: Business Wire)

TaskUs is building on its deep expertise and more than 10 years in the AI field to provide tailored customer service solutions that quickly meet the growth, scale, and transformational goals of today’s enterprise. AssistAI arrives at a critical time when GenAI has jumped to the top of the business agenda as an innovation driver and way to deliver a better customer experience.

According to CB Insights, tech decision-makers plan to spend between $15K to $5M on large language models (LLMs) annually. TaskUs is currently offering these capabilities to its 150+ client base. With partnerships at some of the world’s biggest technology companies like AWS and Zendesk, TaskUs is bringing the power of people, technology, and agility together to build GenAI-powered, human-made solutions that exceed customer expectations, empower employees, and exponentially reduce costs while driving significant improvements in both productivity and client satisfaction.

“We are still at the early stages of the GenAI revolution,” said Bryce Maddock, Co-Founder and CEO of TaskUs. “Businesses are asking us how GenAI can positively impact their operations. By building and integrating safe, proprietary AI like AssistAI that incorporates the human touch, TaskUs is helping answer this question, enabling customer service teams to deliver better interactions more efficiently.”

Last year, TaskUs announced MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”, NYSE: ML) as the inaugural TaskGPT partner. Since deploying TaskGPT and AssistAI, MoneyLion has used the tools to optimize its customer service capabilities, helping drive impactful reductions in handling time and increasing customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

SuperHuman Outsourcing

For TaskUs, Generative AI is more than just technology. With SuperHuman Outsourcing, TaskUs fortifies its global business process outsourcing frontline teams with the best AI-powered tools and solutions to maximize their performance and efficiency. With AssistAI, the speed and accuracy of AI combined with the expertise and empathy of its human staff creates next-level customer support that remains unmatched. Some of the latest benefits of AssistAI include:

  • Enhanced Quality – Generate accurate, consistent responses with higher quality baselines
  • Maintains customer response consistency – Delivers standardized responses repeatedly to customers
  • Quickly corrects misinformation – The user can copy the information from AssistAI and paste it directly into the chat/email window
  • Reduces excessive hold times for live support channels – Users don't have to wait for a response from an escalation team as AssistAI will self-generate a summary of the information

In an effort to improve the accuracy and efficiency of TaskUs users across digital customer experience, Trust & Safety and Risk & Response workflows, AssistAI will be offered to all TaskUs clients as an integrated part of the TaskGPT service offering.

For more information on TaskGPT and our Generative AI capabilities, please visit our website.

About TaskUs

TaskUs is a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies, helping its clients represent, protect, and grow their brands. Leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure, TaskUs serves clients in the fastest-growing sectors, including social media, e-commerce, gaming, streaming media, food delivery and ride-sharing, Technology, FinTech, and HealthTech. As of September 30, 2023, TaskUs had a worldwide headcount of approximately 47,000 people across 28 locations in 13 countries, including the United States, the Philippines, and India.

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