CEO Bryce Maddock Shares the TaskUs Founding Story on Entrepreneurship Podcast

Published on October 9, 2021

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (October 8, 2021)—TaskUs Co-Founder and CEO Bryce Maddock was recently featured as a guest on The Futureproof Leader podcast hosted by Malik Parekh. A former CEO of global companies such as Inspiro and SPi Global, Parekh is an avid entrepreneur and serial angel investor with a passion for “futureproofing” industry leaders by keeping ahead of the curve. 

On the podcast, Maddock sat down with Parekh to discuss how TaskUs managed to see such incredible growth over the last 13 years—from just seven employees in the Philippines to more than 31,500 employees operating across 20 sites in eight different countries.

Maddock first described how his entrepreneurial journey started: He and his business partner, Jaspar Weir, had envisioned TaskUs as a Virtual Assistant (VA) business that connected individual tasks with individual workers. Within the first several years, however, they pivoted to scaling business operations for larger companies after identifying new industry trends and increased demands for outsourced business services. 

When they started their company in the Philippines, Maddock said that TaskUs expanded at a staggering pace as their customers grew and began emerging as household names. “We were very lucky to discover the [outsourcing] space when we did,” said Maddock. “Especially in the last decade, digital disruptors have become the largest companies, as well as the largest procurers of outsourced services in the world.” While more and more businesses moved online, increased demand for digital transformation accelerated TaskUs’s growth. As their customers expanded, TaskUs also flourished. 

When asked where TaskUs is headed for the future, Maddock said his company will continue to proactively identify new industry disruptors, anticipate emerging trends, and ensure that TaskUs still has the ability to change and adapt alongside an increasingly unpredictable tech-driven economy. “It’s all about continuing to discover the fastest-growing technology disruptors, and understanding exactly what services they need to succeed, as well as delivering those services more effectively than any of our competitors,” Maddock explained. 

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