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    Oorja — Mohali, India

    India’s Next Big IT Destination
Oorja is a site bursting with energy, passion, and boundless career potential. We’ve made sure that TaskUs Mohali is fully equipped with invigorating amenities that match the grit and talent of the community.

Mohali also has three times lower commute time than any other city in India, making your journey to Oorja hassle-free and enjoyable—thanks to its strategic location.

Oorja not only creates BPO jobs in Mohali but also strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional CX services, powered by the latest and most effective AI technologies, as well as other specialized services such as trust and safety, risk and compliance, and AI training.

Mohali’s diverse and rich talent pool allows for teammates who are easily adaptable, agile, and flexible to meet clients’ needs and wants.

Entrance Lobby

Training Room




Coaching Area

Cricket Stadium Cafeteria



Square feet

Slider Step Seating

Recreational Area

Reimagining, Redefining, and
Reinvigorating the Workplace

A Higher Quality of Life

Enjoy an engaging work environment and short commutes, giving you more time for what matters to you and your family most.

With our focus on employee satisfaction, TaskUs offers unique and fulfilling call center jobs in Mohali that allow for a better work-life balance, enabling you to spend more time for family and personal interests.

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The Knowledge Hub

TaskUs Mohali boasts a workforce of the most highly skilled and tech-savvy experts, providing exceptional service to clients across various industries.

Furthermore, TaskUs Mohali has access to an extensive pool of graduates from the city’s prestigious universities and research institutions.
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