You and Us: Our Story So Far

You know the story—two high school friends combined their life savings to build an outsourcing company at a one-room office in the Philippines. They had one vision: to create a ridiculously good customer experience. 13 years later, TaskUs now serves clients across different industries—social media; entertainment and gaming; retail and e-commerce; travel, transportation, and hospitality; hi-tech; healthtech; and fintech.

Our global footprint has expanded to 20 sites in eight countries: USA, Mexico, Ireland, Colombia, Greece, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines. More than 35,600 teammates from all over the globe are currently supporting our expanding list of services, and we are just getting started.

Our ability to rapidly recruit and train talented teammates enables Us to respond immediately to the changing needs of today’s fastest growing companies. In March 2020, we launched Cirrus, a “cloud-based” global site that provides industry-leading support to our teammates and clients without sacrificing any of the quality, culture, transparency, expertise, and skill that has come to define us over the years. In just seven days from its implementation, 90% of our existing clients have signed off on our Cirrus model.

While we may have faced our biggest challenge in 2020, we have experienced tremendous growth in our business. Our eNPS reached its highest at 72, which is four times above the industry average. Our cNPS scored higher at 75—2.5 times above the average IT provider. We were serving more clients with the happiest teammates even amidst the most difficult time around the world.

As a public company, we know what it means for companies to scale. Now more than ever, we are capable of protecting what matters most to our clients and our people.

Outsourcing Reimagined

We grew as our partners grew. Our support services diversified and developed in 2018—giving birth to increased capabilities in digital customer experience, content security, consulting, and AI operations. Customer behaviors and user expectations have become more dynamic, and we have adapted to these changing times.

Digital Customer Experience

The digital landscape has transformed the customer experience1. From a singular channel of customer care and service, we leapfrogged to providing omnichannel digital solutions such as email, chat, in-app, and social media platforms. This transition began with the world’s top-ranking ride-sharing company, a two-sided marketplace, in 2013. We supported both riders and drivers across email, in-app, chat, and phone. 

“The complexity of these interactions only grew when we began supporting on-demand food delivery apps that are three-sided marketplaces,” shares Senior Director for Digital Customer Experience Strategy Anca Van Assendelft. A single support incident may involve texting with a driver, calling a restaurant, and pushing an in-app notification to a hungry customer.

Our expertise in these rapidly evolving marketplace models and the technology that drives them makes us uniquely positioned to support the next generation of digital B2C and B2B businesses.

Jarrod Johnson, Chief Customer Officer

Content Security

Our second-largest service is Content Security, which first began with helping social networks police content on their apps. In recent years, staggering amounts of data are created every minute2, calling for more complex content moderation for consumer and business content and trust and safety across different industries.

To support our clients, we developed a highly specialized team consisting of policy, product, and psychological health experts. Our policy team helps clients to develop, distribute, and maintain a complex set of policies and guidelines for content. We also have a team that partners with our clients to design tools that help our frontline content security professionals be more productive and accurate. More so, we have become strategic, bringing to the table AI detection capabilities and a deep knowledge of disinformation tactics to help our clients navigate the nuanced and evolving challenge posed by coordinated harmful behavior.

Certain types of moderation require the review of graphic content. For the professionals doing this vital work, we’ve invested heavily in the resources that support their well-being.

Phil Tomlinson, VP for Content Security

Content moderation is a grueling task. To protect what matters to our clients, we have to protect our people. This is why we developed the TaskUs Resiliency Studio, an evidence-based and clinician-led psychological health and safety program consisting of a global team of around 100 clinicians and mental wellness professionals.

In 2019, we launched The TaskUs Method, a comprehensive, global psychological health and safety initiative for our content moderators across the globe, guided by the practice of psychology and grounded in psychology and neuroscience. Our Method goes beyond reactive interventions, proactively supporting mental health, and the resiliency skills employees need to do their challenging and essential job. Our best practices include:

  1. forming a behavioral research division dedicated to advancing the body of knowledge on the impact of content moderation through formal studies, which in turn influences programmatic interventions;
  2. investing in technology to mitigate the intensity of images on the central nervous system;
  3. using data and validated assessments to track program performance real-time;
  4. taking cultural and global nuances into account;
  5. and emphasizing that content moderation is meaningful work  

Our number one responsibility as a company is to care for our teammates.

Rachel Lutz Guevara, VP for Global Wellness and Resiliency


Such changes call for rapid scaling. Whether it’s customer strategy, talent enablement, operational excellence, or digital transformation, we journey with our clients in transforming their customer operations. Composed of over 50 experts, our Consulting Group helps address key challenges revolving around people, process, and technology. 

There has been an increased interest in customer operations assessments and roadmap engagements. Our specialized team helps clients improve their customer experience by utilizing leading technology, streamlining operational processes, and enabling their workforce through quality learning and development.

Garth Fasano, VP for Consulting

AI Operations

Business needs have become increasingly more complex, requiring the need to analyze more contextual data and address performance gaps. This eventually leads to the explosion of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence, however, is only intelligent as the data it’s given. Humans play an integral role in an AI model’s supervised learning. Our team of well-rounded data experts, combined with advanced solutions and strategies, rigorously train data sets to ensure accuracy and result in an overall better performance model. Our AI Operations have been designed to challenge contextual use-cases and align with clients and provide access to best-in-class operational practices tailored to operational needs. This combination of people and technology has made Us the ideal partner in building better-performing machine learning models faster and more efficiently.

TaskUs promises nothing short of cutting-edge when it comes to our data labeling services. We are a partner that can grow alongside your business, tailoring our innovations to your specific AI needs. 

John Schauf, Director for AI Operations

Client-Focused and People-First, Always

Amidst changes, we have remained client-centric and people-first always. Our ridiculously good culture has produced the most highly skilled and passionate teammates to support our clients. We pride ourselves in diversity and inclusion, creating a safe space for feedback, conversation, education, and celebrating individual differences. Our philosophy and our identity are built entirely on putting people—our teammates, our clients, and their customers—at the forefront of everything we do.

For 13 years, our clients’ success stories are our story. We have grown relentlessly on delivering specialized services that tech disruptors rely on their businesses. And it’s only just the beginning. Whether it’s in the next 13 years or more, we will continue to empower people to deliver ridiculously good customer experiences to the world’s most innovative companies.