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The Human-Tech Balance
Humanizing CX
through Automation
In our fast-paced world, AI & Machine Learning (ML) is the secret to streamlining processes and reducing redundancy. But for the world’s best customer experience, we’ll always need the human touch. Automation frees up agents to take on the more complex tasks–ensuring high-quality service, every time.
AI & Machine Learning (ML) Masters
TaskUs embraces industry-leading Machine Learning and Automation for the benefit of our clients and their customers through maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.


AI & Machine Learning Partners


clients utilize TaskUs-pioneered AI & ML Initiatives

In the Service of Our People-First Initiative

TaskUs strives to automate repetitive tasks so that our Teammates can perform more meaningful, strategic and purposeful work—all while minimizing the errors of manual processing and maximizing employee satisfaction.


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AI Operations
What We Do
Machine Learning
  • Audio Annotation
  • Photo/Video Tagging
  • Algorithm Education
  • AI Process Development
  • AI Systems Implementation
  • Data Annotation
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Video Processing
  • Sensor Processing
  • Image Tagging
  • Data Creation
  • Algorithm Training
Data Enrichment
  • Customer Review Monitoring
  • Data Entry
  • Online Research
  • Data Cleansing & Aggregation


What Sets
Us Apart

Quality Scores that Raise the Bar
Our AI solutions, developed in partnership with our clients and frontline employees, have led us to consistently exceed our targets and achieve a >98% average QA score in all data-related operations.
Security is Our Priority
Online and data security risks are ubiquitous, and when time is of the essence, AI and machine learning are vital for flagging potential issues–all part of our PCI and SOC2 certifications.
A Can-Do Innovation Mindset
We apply our employees’ proactive innovation ideas in production, driving productivity, quality, and ROI. Furthermore, our Innovation Council sparks change across campaigns and TaskUs as a whole.
  • Manish Pandya
    SVP of Digital Transformation | TaskUs

    At TaskUs, we leverage a proven framework of innovation–one that is frontline-centric in all aspects—from ideas generation, evaluation, implementation, and continuous improvement. This approach guarantees meaningful solutions that are both adopted by our Teammates and also create value for our clients.

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