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    The Human Power
    Behind AI & ML

    We power the world’s most disruptive companies with high-quality data labeling services, enabling them to develop cutting-edge AI systems.

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The TaskUs AI Services team is ready to support its client-partners with innovative data labeling solutions that are powered by human touch.


Average QA score in all data-related operations


Years of experience in data annotation

Agile & Flexible

At TaskUs, we efficiently execute large-scale global programs catered specifically to our partners’ data collection, annotation, and evaluation needs.


Global clients


Employees worldwide

Quality, Quality,

Quality data is the foundation on which successful AI and ML can be built. While we at TaskUs are constantly improving our tooling, security protocols, and global imprint, our main obsession remains the quality of data we provide to our partners so they can achieve their development goals. With custom-built teams, gold standard processes, proactive monitoring and feedback loops, and other quality control measures, you can be certain that you will get the most value out of your training data.


Our team uses best-in-class tooling to support a wide range of projects and workflows.

  • Custom labeling tools and solutions
  • Support for text, audio, image, video, sensor, and map data
  • Solutions engineering support

We provide enterprise-level security options for sensitive data or compliance needs.

  • PCI-, SOC II-, ISO-certified
  • PII, HIPAA compliance
  • LDAP/SSO access
  • Vendor Security Alliance member

With sites and employees all over the world, we have the capacity to source top talent globally.

  • 47,000+ employees
  • 27 sites in 13 countries
  • Over 150 global clients
  • Fully functional Work@Home solution
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Computer Vision

Train Machines to Interpret the Visual World.

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Natural Language Processing

Understand What Your Data is Saying.

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Content Relevance

Optimize Data that Matters to Your Users.

Proof of Capability and Excellence: Case Studies

Image and Video Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

TaskUs optimized data tagging for a Global Leading Autonomous Vehicle Company to help them efficiently beat the competition.

Our collaborative and strategic partnership allowed us to accomplish 1,800 LiDAR and video annotations in a secure environment—a highly unique and advanced approach that set TaskUs apart from other vendors, as we went out of the box to deliver the right fit for the client.

Audio Transcription and Tagging for a Global Tech Company

For a Global Tech Company, TaskUs transcribes audio data captured by the Client’s devices. These transcriptions are then utilized by the Client as input into their Machine Learning algorithms so they can further improve their virtual assistant.

Text and Image Classification for Social Media

For a Leading Social Media Platform, TaskUs provided human-annotated data to train their Machine Learning model to automatically block sensitive text content on the platform, based on a predetermined list of banned words or phrases, while considering cultural nuances across 14 languages in four countries.

Our Awards

  • Best CEO for Diversity –
    Bryce Maddock, CEO, TaskUs
  • Best CEO for Women –
    Bryce Maddock, CEO, TaskUs
  • Best Company for Career Growth
  • Best Leadership Teams
  • Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces list for
    EMEA in 2022 (#27)
  • 2022 Inspiring Workplaces Awards – EMEA (Finalist)

Our Innovation Partners

  • John Schauf
    Director, AI Operations | TaskUs

    As the trusted partner of over a hundred industry disruptors when it comes to Digital CX and Content Security solutions, TaskUs promises nothing short of cutting-edge when it comes to our data labeling services. Our specialized expertise, combined with the unparalleled infrastructure we’ve built over the years across our other service lines allows us to operate at the same level of quality we have become known and loved for by our clients. Our significant investment in AI is proof of our commitment that we want you to be our partner in shaping this unique offering.

    Ultimately, think of us as a partner that can grow alongside your business, as we tailor our innovations to your specific AI needs.

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