Swipe Right: How Dating Apps Can Show Customers Love through a Great CX

Published on February 14, 2020
Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Look to your right. Look to your left. 

I can guarantee that either you or the person next to you has a dating app on their phone. With over 1,500 dating apps in the world, this $2.5+ billion dollar industry is booming. Ever think why?

People need love. And with 1,500 dating apps in the world, a great app experience may be as important as the match. So what’s the secret to creating a seamless and enjoyable dating app experience? 

Here are 3 core elements of success I found while working with some of the world’s most popular dating apps.

In-App Chat Support 

With millenials spending an astounding 10 hours a week on dating apps, providing in-app chat support is a central component in a customer's overall app experience. 

In-app chat support is a central component in a customer’s overall dating app experience.

In-app chat support provides dating apps with a real-time connection to their users' pain points while simultaneously reducing support costs. Chat agents can handle between 4-6 chats at a time while voice support agents can only handle one. 

Leveraging this support channel enables dating apps to be smarter and savvier with their approach to increasing productivity and decreasing AHT. Equally as beneficial, in-app chat helps to shape the voice of the customer. Chat transcripts empower companies to review and analyze chat data and improve support efforts. By taking a chat and data driven approach to CX, companies can refine and enhance their strategies to better match the pace of the customer. 

Creep It Low: Scale Your Content Moderation Efforts

Dating apps can’t afford to risk their reputation and lose customers due to unmoderated content especially when they have 1,499 other competitors. The solution? 2 acronyms: A.I. and M.L.

AI and machine learning (ML) make it possible for dating apps to automate substantial parts of the content moderation workflow. From photos to phrases, an AI-backed solution will look for characteristics that indicate whether an image or conversation should be filtered or flagged. Humans should review any content that was flagged by the system in order to continuously improve automation tools and ensure accuracy. From there, AI uses machine learning processes to learn from previous moderation decisions and improve those filters based on that data. 

With a tech stack like this, dating apps can sustainably scale their content moderation operations, save agents time, and create a better CX.

Self-help is Self-Love

Did you know that 50% of consumers reach out to a live agent when they are unable to self-serve on a company's website?

Poor self-help resources create high call volumes and operational costs. To avoid this, examine first contact resolution (FCR), channel hopping rates, and establish clear self-service goals. FCR and channel hopping rates are a signal that some of your support options aren't making the cut. From there, you can pinpoint the areas that need better or new content, or more prominent placement.

The goal behind any CX strategy should be targeted at empowering your customer base to be self-sufficient and create a domino effect of efficiency. Agents avoid repetitive low value inquiries, customers get what they need when they need it, and dating apps can dramatically improve operational costs.

Using AI and ML, in-app chat support, and self-help resources are the secrets to creating a better dating app experience. In 2024, the dating app market is projected to surpass $8.4 billion, and the company with best CX will take the lion's share.

Is your dating app experience making people swipe left? Ew. Drop me a note and let’s change the way people experience looking for love on your platform, Jackie.Lineberger@taskus.com.

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Jackie Lineberger
Director of Business Development
Jackie is the Director of Business Development for Social Media and Dating Apps at Taskus. She is based in Dallas, Texas. She loves hot yoga, being on the water, and playing fetch with her german shepherd.