Strengthening the Internet’s First Responders through Measurements: Applying Psychometrics in Trust + Safety

Published on October 17, 2022
Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Current psychometric tools in the workplace are confined to measuring personality and aptitude. However, volumes of research and technological progress are available to widen and deepen psychometric involvement with the potential to economize assessment's effort, time, and cost. Workplace psychometricians and psychologists are thus presented with a tremendous opportunity to scientifically gauge the dynamic job roles and career trajectories of the Trust + Safety workforce.

Psychometrics should be applicable across the Trust + Safety employee life cycle and must come to speed with digital innovation. Beyond the technical know-how, humanizing assessments is also vital. At a time when the workforce is more dynamic than ever—characterized by multinational operations and hybrid working conditions—it is only fitting for businesses to lead, join forces, and develop assessments that address various intersections of diversity. While such practices may take years to become naturalized in the system, integrating psychometrics is more urgent now than ever. These efforts can advance a transparent, state-of-the-art talent management culture and even enhance business differentiation.

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Marlyn Savio
Behavioral Scientist for TaskUs’s Trust + Safety
Dr. Marlyn Thomas Savio is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), registered with the British Psychological Society. She specialized in health psychology during PhD, and is a gold medal recipient for her doctoral thesis. Her research career, spanning a decade, has ranged across areas of biopsychosocial interventions for the management of chronic/terminal illnesses, psychometric tooling, positive psychology constructs, and phenomenological designs. She has authored scientific papers and book chapters, presented at international conferences and contributed to journal review processes.